This a list of Shrek Extra Large Trophies/achievements from Shrek VG Classics.

List of Trophies


  • Who wants Waffles served on a Platinum Platter?: You got all trophies in the game! Donkey thinks you're great!


  • Questing Master: Clear all Quests.
  • Defeated Merlin: Defeat Merlin.
  • Master Egg Collector: Find all Golden Eggs in all Levels.
  • Master Fairy Hunter: Find all Evil Fairies in all Levels.
  • Master Boss Basher: Defeat all bosses.
  • True Credit to Ogres Everywhere: Watch the End credits all the way through.


  • Questing Expert: Clear 50% of Quests.
  • Old Ogre, New Tricks: Learn the Super Punch.
  • Level Conqueror: Beat a level without dying once.
  • Shrek Saves the Day: Rescue Fiona to Complete the game.
  • Melted Ice: Defeat the Ice Queen.
  • Expert Egg Collector: Find all Golden Egg in 4 Levels.
  • Expert Fairy Hunter: Find all Evil Fairies in 4 Levels.


  • Frankendrop'd: Defeat Frankendrop
  • Egg Collector: Find all Golden Eggs in a single level.
  • Fairy Hunter: Find all Evil Fairies in a single level.
  • Keep on Shrekin': Clear a Level.
  • Questing Hero: Clear 25% of Quests.

Bronze [Hidden]

  • Trained & Ready for Action: Complete 'Shrek's Swamp'
  • Forest Fiend: Complete 'Enchanted Forest'
  • Mother Goose's Favorite: Complete 'Mother Goose Land'
  • Sweetest of them all: Complete 'Sweetsville Industrial Park'
  • Sewer Explorer: Complete 'Molasses Sewers'
  • I'm King of The World!: Complete 'Lonely Mountain'
  • Crypt Creep: Complete 'Creepy Crypt'
  • Loyal Ogre: Complete 'Crown Prince's Castle'
  • Dragon Friend: Complete 'Blue Dragon's Castle'
  • It's All Ogre Now: Complete 'Merlin's Dark Tower Fortress Of Pure Evil'
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