This a list of Shrek Reekin' Havoc trophies/achievements from Shrek VG Classics.

List of Trophies


  • The Best of The Best: Get all the trophies in the game.


  • Two Heroes, One Adventure: Clear all levels as both Fiona and Shrek.
  • It's All Ogre Now: Complete the entire game.
  • Fairytale Friend: Rescue all fairytale characters in each level.


  • Party of One: Clear all levels as Shrek or Fiona.
  • Fairytale Saviour: Rescue all fairytale characters in one level.


  • Our Honest Saviour: Clear Bad Pinocchio.
  • A Stroll in The Woods: Clear Fairy Woods.
  • Sweetest of Them All: Clear Sweetsville.
  • Stalkin' Up The Stalk: Clear Beanstalk Town.
  • Finding Your Shadow: Clear Fake Peter Pan.
  • Ghost Hunter: Clear The Ghost of Lord Farquaad.
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