This is a list of Shrek Superslam GBA Trophies/achievements from Shrek VG Classics.

List of Trophies


  • Superslam Legend: Get all the trophies in the game


  • Mega Challenger: Clear all Mega Challenges
  • What else you got, sir?: Buy all items in Shop
  • All done in one go: Clear Story without continuing


  • Made it in one piece: Clear Story without begin slammed once
  • They all lived happily ever after: Clear Story with all characters
  • Color Me Impressed: Buy all alternate colors for each and every characters
  • The Full Cast: Buy all secret characters
  • The World's an Arena: Buy all secret stages
  • Potions, Weapons, Chests, You name it!: Buy all secret items


  • Ogre Power!: Clear Story as Shrek
  • Princess to the Rescue!: Clear Story as Ogre Fiona
  • Gimme a High Hoff: Clear Story as Donkey
  • Gumdrops comin' at ya!: Clear Story as Gingy
  • Fear Me... if you dare: Clear Story as Puss in Boots
  • Beauty Before Brawn: Clear Story as Prince Charming
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