This is a list of Shrek The Third GBA Trophies/achievements from Shrek VG Classics.

List of Trophies


  • A TRUE Royal Hero: Get all the trophies and Artie will repay you for your trouble


  • Not a scratch: Clear a level without taking any damage
  • It's A Happily Ever After, After All!: Beat the whole game
  • Old Donkey, New Tricks: Unlock all Player Upgrades
  • Fairy Fiend: Collect all the fairies
  • Item Collector: Collect all the Magic Items


  • Level Conqueror: Clear a Level without dying once
  • Upstaged Charming: Defeat Prince Charming!
  • Pirates Plundered: Defeat Hook's Crew
  • Volcanic Panic: Escape the Volcano
  • Evil Trees Timbered: Defeat the Evil Trees


  • The Story Begins... for the 3rd Time: Complete the 1st Level
  • Our Journey Begins: Complete Shipwrecked
  • Out of the Volcano: Complete Far Away from Home
  • Forest Frolics: Complete Lost in the Forest
  • Hail to our NEW King!: Complete Far Far Away
  • Party of Four: Complete Friendship level
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