This is a list of the enemies found in the game Skatoony: Lost in Time.

Enemy List

Name Where it's first met Attacks/Actions Info Hits to defeat
Caveman Stone Age Swing their clubs These cave-brutes aren't too bright, but they like to attack in groups, and they carry big clubs, and if you get too near them when they strike, you'll certainly know about it! 3-4
Ramasaur Stone Age Ram attack This likes to charge at high speed into things, so do not be in it's way!!! When it stops, wallop it! 2-3
Scorpion Stone Age pincers and stinger These critters can sting and pinch you, and it will hurt if you are near them! 1-2
Crab Pirate Docks Claw pinch and toss These crabs love to pinch - but a good old smack to the face will sort them out! 1
Pirate Pirate Docks Slap, shove Don't get on the bad side of these buccaneers! 5
Enemy Spawner Stone Age, and All worlds after that, even the bonus levels spawns enemies, explodes when destroyed These things are real trouble. Their appearance changes to fit the theme of the era, and they spawn enemies as long as they're functioning, so destroy them right away. Careful - it goes out with a bang! 1
Gangster 1930s guns and punching Watch out for these gangsters in the 1930's era! 3-5
Cops/Guards 1930s, and most other realms after that patrol with lit torches/spotlights/whatever watch out for the officers, and don't step in the lights from their torches, or you'll be in big trouble! invulnerable
Knight Medieval swords & charging these knights are slow, but they hit hard, and take lots of hits to defeat. 10
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