This a list of Skatoony: Lost In Time Trophies/achievements.

Trophies/Achievements List


  • Hall of Fame: Get all the other trophies in the game.


  • That was a Quiz Champ Challenge: Complete the game on Quiz Champ Challenge [Hard] difficulty
  • Star Prize: Get all the extras presents in the game.
  • Big Spender: Achieve 10000 Skatoony Bucks


  • Medium Levels: Complete the game on Normal difficulty [this trophy can also be earned on hard difficulty.]
  • All Upgrades A-OK: Get all upgrades for your moves.
  • Masters of Disguise: Get all costumes in the shop.
  • Hundreds of Thousands: achieve 1000 Skatoony Bucks
  • Enemy encyclopedia: defeat at least one of every enemy in the game.


  • School Dazed: Complete the Tutorial Level.
  • You Made Pre-History!: Complete the Stone Age era
  • Successful is What You Arrrr!!: Complete the Pirate era
  • Bank Robber Stopper: Complete the 1930s era
  • Ye Olde Heroes: Complete the Medieval era
  • Quiz on the Range: Complete the Wild West era
  • Arabian Quiz Nights: Complete the Arabian era
  • Viking Victory: Complete the Viking era
  • Aztec Takeover: Complete the Aztec Era
  • Quiz To the Future: Complete the Future Area
  • Ghostly Goings On: Complete the Transylvanian era
  • On Broken Time: Complete the Broken Time Dimension era
  • Deja Vu: Complete Headly's Fortress
  • New Threads: Get your first costume from the shop
  • Too Easy For Tony's [Charles'] Gran: Complete the game on Easy difficulty [this trophy can also be earned on normal or hard difficulty.]
  • Upgrade me pleez: Perform your first upgrade of the game.

Bronze [hidden]:

  • All in good Health:
  • Strength in Numbers:
  • Enemy Buster: defeat 300 enemies.
  • Body Swap: Swap between Chudd and Earl at least 50 times in the game.
  • Clear!: Revive your partner by hitting them 50 times throughout the game
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