List of Trophies


  • Team Platinum: Get all trophies


  • Top of the Class: Get all A Rank in all missions
  • Overlord Overruled: Defeat Metal Sonic and Complete the Last Story.
  • Emblem Gatherer: Get All Emblems.
  • Super Hard: Complete Super Hard Mode!
  • Junkyard: Destroy 400 enemies.
  • All Together: Complete all stories.
  • Sunny Side Up: Defeat the Egg Emperor boss with all teams


  • Emerald Collector: Get all 7 Chaos Emeralds
  • Team Sonic: Complete Team Sonic's Story
  • Team Dark: Complete Team Dark's Story
  • Team Rose: Complete Team Rose's Story
  • Team Chaotix: Complete Team Chaotix's Story
  • Hawk Down: Defeat Egg Hawk with all teams
  • City Team Battle: Complete all City Team Battle levels with all teams
  • Some Carnival: Clear the Robot Carnival Battle with all teams
  • Blimp Out: Defeat Egg Albatross with all teams
  • Rumble in the Jungle: Complete all Jungle Team Battle levels with all teams
  • Ahead of the Storm: Clear the Robot Storm Battle with all teams


  • Tutorial: Complete the Tutorial [from either the menu or at the beginning of Team Rose's story]

Bronze [Hidden]:

  • Special: Play any special stage [Bonus or Emerald Challenge] with all teams
  • Two can play at that Game: Play any 2-Player Challenge
  • Seaside Hill Cleared: Clear Seaside Hill with all teams
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