This a list of SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Trophies/achievements. The game is part of Spongebob's VG Classics.

List of Trophies


  • Neptune's Spatula: Get all the other trophies for this game.


  • Platinum Spatula Seeker: Get all 100 Golden Spatulas.
  • Gold Spatula Seeker: Get 75 Golden Spatulas.
  • Sock Opera: Find all of Patrick's Socks
  • The Small Does Not Rule: Defeat Robo-Plankton and neutralize Robo-Spongebob's Brain
  • 100% Spongebob: Get 100% completion.


  • Silver Spatula Seeker: Get 50 Golden Spatulas.
  • Sock Concert: find half of Patrick's Socks
  • Sweet Victory: Defeat Robo-Sandy in the Poseidome
  • Toxic Terror: Defeat Robo-Patrick in the Industrial Park
  • SpongeBob vs SpongeBob!: Defeat Robo-Spongebob in the first battle in the Chum Bucket Lab


  • Time For Tutorial: Collect everything in Spongebob's House.
  • Hello, Bikini Bottom: Get all Gold Spatulas in Bikini Bottom.
  • Jellyfishing: Complete Squidward's Mission in Jellyfish Fields
  • Uptown and Downtown: Complete Mrs Puff's Mission in Downtown Bikini Bottom
  • Surf's Up!: Finish the main missions of Goo Lagoon
  • Hit Rock Bottom: Finish the main missions of Rock Bottom
  • Mermalair Cleared: Clear all main missions of the Mermalair.
  • Don't Eat the Sand: Clear all the Ski slopes in Sand Mountain.
  • Kelp Forest of Fear: Clear the areas of the Kelp Forest
  • Ship Shape: Reclaim the Flying Dutchman's ship in the Flying Dutchman's Graveyard
  • Sleepy Time: Get All Golden Spatulas in the Spongebob's Dream level
  • Sponge Smasher: Defeat 100 robots as Spongebob
  • Star Smasher: Defeat 100 robots as Patrick
  • Squirrel Smasher: Defeat 100 robots as Sandy
  • Robot encyclopedia: destroy at least one type of every robot in the game. Bosses don't count.
  • Bronze Spatula Seeker: Get 25 Golden Spatulas.
  • Spatula Seeker: Get 10 Golden Spatulas.
  • Jellyfish Jam: Defeat King Jellyfish
  • Shrimp Catcher: Defeat Prawn in the Mermalair
  • Shanghaied: Defeat the Flying Dutchman.
  • Sock Getter: Find 15 of Patrick's Socks.
  • good to have a friend :find 5 of Patrick's Socks
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