Trophy list


  • One Less Noble Warrior - Get all trophies


  • Happily Ever After? - Defeat the Sorceress in the first encounter.
  • Saviour of the Forgotten Realms - Defeat the Sorceress again in the Super Bonus Round LEVEL.
  • Mad Skillz! - Earn all Skillpoints.
  • Cynder's Adventure: Complete the game as Cynder
  • Secret Chamber: Complete the Cynder's Chamber bonus level.
  • Perfect!: Defeat a Home World Boss without being hit.


  • Toad in the Hole - Defeat Buzz.
  • Pride comes before a Fall - Defeat Spike.
  • What Monster? - Defeat Scorch.
  • Sunrise Spring Complete - Collect all the dragon eggs and gems in the Sunrise Spring hub and levels.
  • Midday Gardens Complete - Collect all the dragon eggs and gems in the Midday Gardens hub and levels.
  • Evening Lake Complete - Collect all the dragon eggs and gems in the Evening Lake hub and levels.
  • Midnight Mountain Complete - Collect all the dragon eggs and gems in the Midnight Mountain hub and levels.
  • Unidentified Flying...Space Cows?!? - Complete all of Hunter's secret Speedway challenges.
  • Enter The Dragonfly - Complete all of the Sparx levels 100%.
  • Dragon of the Night: Defeat the Sleepy Head in Spooky Swamp as Cynder, and do not take a single hit.
  • Friends Forever - free all your new animal friends and complete all their levels.

Bronze [Hidden]:

  • Do the Funky Chicken - Catch the funky chicken in Seashell Shore.
  • Power Up - Find Agent 9's powerup in his section of the Fireworks Factory level.
  • It Takes Two to Tango - Help Nancy finish her dance.
  • Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bentley - Defeat the yeti in 2 rounds of the boxing match in Frozen Altars.
  • Who says cheaters never prosper? - get the second thief early in the Speedy Thieves area in Icy Peak.
  • Byrd & the Chipmunks - bomb all the gophers in Sgt Byrd's Base
  • Penguin Vandal - Smash all the windows in the temple area in Sgt Byrd's section in Charmed Ridge
  • The Good, the Bad and the Monkey - in the Bailey Gang shootout as Agent 9 in Dino Mines, shoot the secret dinosaur.
  • Dragon Hawk - Learn to skateboard.
  • That's Impossible! - Land on the Impossible Tower in Charmed Ridge
  • Heads Up: Put the 5 idol heads together in Sgt Byrd's section in Molten Crater
  • Black Flames - Defeat 100 enemies as Cynder
  • Egg for Sale - Complete the 'Egg for Sale' challenge in Midnight Mountain
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