This is a list of trophies for the video game, Tarzan: Untamed, as part of Disney's Magical HD Collection.

List of Trophies


  • Tarzan of the Jungle: Collect all other trophies in the game.


  • No More Capturing for You!: Complete the game.
  • A Reel Good Time: Collect all film reels.
  • Son of Man: Complete all of Terk's challenges.


  • The Man-Ape Who Defeated Wolff: Defeat Wolff and save Tantor.
  • Beware of Aligators: Show that Swamp Aligator a wrestle he'll never forget!
  • That Reely Feeling: Collect half of the film reels.
  • Nearly There: Complete all of Terk's challenges in the 3rd world.


  • Swinging Into Action: Complete the level "Free the Young"
  • Wild Rescue: Complete the level "Surf for Terk"
  • You've Never Seen a Jungle Ski Before?: Complete the level "Hang-Sliding"
  • Where's Porter?: Complete the level "In Search Of Porter"
  • Swamp Skiing: Complete the level "Skiing The Swamp"
  • Picking Up the Trail: Complete the level "Hunter's Trail"
  • Jungle Caverns: Complete the level "Into The Caverns"
  • Underground Mayhem: Complete the level "Underground Rapids"
  • The Subterranean Caper: Complete the level "Subterranean Search"
  • Reel One, Eh?: Collect 10 film reels.
  • Proud Ape: Complete all of Terk's challenges in the 1st world.
  • Getting the Hang of Things: Complete all of Terk's challenges in the 2nd world.

Bronze [Hidden]:

  • Gorilla Business: Complete the Gorilla Challenge
  • Little Gorillas Can Do Big Things, Too: Complete the Young Gorilla Challenge
  • Who Says Baboons Can't Help?: Complete the Baboon Challenge
  • Invincible Man-Ape: Complete all Boss Wrestles without taking damage.
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