This is a list of the enemies and bosses found in the game The Fairly OddParents: Magic Meltdown.

Enemy List

Bosses List

Character world Bio in extras menu
Timmy's Dad Dimmsdale After eating Spinach contaminated by the magic ooze, Timmy's Dad has now grown bigger, thanks to 'eating his greens'. He stampeded through Dimmsdale, his bare feet creatin' craters on the streets, until he was defeated and restored to normal by his son, Timmy Turner.
Timmy's Mom Mt. Dimmsdale
AJ Crimson Chin Comic Book When AJ was infected with the ooze, he was zapped into a Crimson Chin comic book, and became an evil villain; Brain Freeze, and trapped Chincinatti in an eternal winter, and also turned the Crimson Chin into a frozen statue. But luckily, 
Chester Videogame World
Vicky Yugopotamia
Jorgen Von Strangle Fairy World While Timmy was away at Yugopotamia, the base got attacked, Jorgen was corrupted by the magic ooze,
Norm the Genie Norm's Palace One of Timmy's past enemies. This meanie genie was the cause of Jorgen's corruption, so Timmy and his fairies 
Foop Foop's Castle The final boss of the game. The anti-fairy copy of Poof, Cosmo & Wanda's baby. He was the one responsible behind the whole ooze disaster. He planned to destroy Dimmsdale and Fairy World with the magic ooze, and have Timmy's fairies accused of doing it, so they'll be taken away from Timmy forever.
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