this is the trophy list for The Fairly OddParents: Magic Meltdown.

List of Trophies


  • Fairly Odd Platinum: Get all the other trophies.


  • Brain Blast: Get all of Jimmy's memoirs
  • Poof Proof: Defeat the Final Boss without getting defeated
  • Super Pinball: Play the Bonus Pinball Game to Win Tickets
  • Fairly Odd Upgrades: Upgrade all of Timmy's Wish
  • Whoa!,100%: Can Make Everthing On The Game


  • Timmy's Final Ending: Defeat Foop and Save Dimmsdale And Fairly World
  • The Invecible: Defeat Every Boss Without Damage
  • Game 5 Stars: Complete the Game 10 Times
  • Jimmy Timmy Final Look: Play Every Jimmy Timmy Power Hour Minigame


  • Tutorial: Complete the tutorial.
  • Not Very Much Time: Complete The Game In Only 46 minutes
  • Mount Dimmsdale Cleared: Finish All Acts of the Extra Level "Fortress of Pants"
  • Timmy On Ice: Frezze Every Tip Of Enemy On The Game
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