This is the trophy list for The Fairly OddParents: Shadow Showdown. the game is part of The Fairly OddParents: Classic Double Pack.



  • Fairly Odd Platinum!: Get all trophies!


  • Shadow Stopper: Defeat the Chamberlain's Shadow
  • All Crown Coins: All Crown Coins in the game collected
  • Lucky Kid: Find all clover leaves in the game
  • All Stickers: All Stickers in the game found
  • Movie Magic: Find all Video Clip items.


  • Monkey Business: Defeat The Ape King in 'The Great Esc-Ape'
  • You can go home now, Vicky: Defeat Vicky in 'Vicky Strikes Back'
  • The Mystery is Solved: Defeat the Ghost Boss in 'Get a Clue'
  • All Washed Up!: Defeat H2Olga in 'Take it on the Chin'
  • Dad's Nightmare: Defeat the Giant Robot in 'Dad's Dream'
  • Joke's On You: Defeat Quince in 'Fairly Disastrous!'
  • All Crowns Found: Find all Crown Coins in a level
  • Top Shopper: Buy every single item in the Fairy Shop


  • Stick to it: Find all Stickers in a level
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