Box art for the Wii.

Luigi's Mansion: Return of the Mansion is a game for the Wii and Nintendo DSN. You play as Luigi and his back on an adventure thourghout his mansion to save Princess Peach and Mario once again. On multiplayer you can play as Luigi or Daisy.


Luigis Mansion 2 Trailer


Luigi has been happy in his new mansion for a year. Then one day while in his new garden with Mario and Peach they stumble on a secret chamber under the fountain that Luigi has redecorated. In that chamber wait new ghosts who kidnap Mario and Peach and once again took over his home, turning it back once to the dark, horrible place it once was. They also revive some old ghosts who still hate Luigi. Now Luigi must seal away the ghosts before they can sacrafice Mario and Peach to bring back King Boo and his army.


Luigi is back in this ghost thrilling adventure. His mansion is back and again had turned dark and scary again and he must save his brother Mario and his sister-in-law Princess Peach from the old ghosts. Play as Luigi and go thourgh chilling adventures and puzzles full of fun. You can also play in two player mode and you or your other player can also play as Daisy. While you wriggle the wii remote to successfully suck the ghosts with the Poltergust 3000,the Ghostbusters theme plays.


Luigi's Mansion: Return of the Mansion has mostly positive reviews

Nintendo Power

Wow what an amazing and fun game. If you want a good video game, buy this game 10/10.

Patrick Bateman

If you want a good video game, check my dubs. 11/10 would buy 87 times

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