Mario & Sonic is a game for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii. You play as Mario and Sonic and save the galaxy from the evil Bowser and Eggman.


Eggman can't use the power of the Chaos Emeralds because he is just human . Then he finds Bowser and the two join forces. Eggman and Bowser go and get the Chaos Emeralds so that Bowser can become Super Bowser. While getting the Chaos Emeralds Bowser and Eggman both steal Princess Peach and Elise. Mario sees Bowser's new plan and tries to stop him, but is cut off when a guard and large amount of enemies (both Eggman and Bowser's). Bowser and Eggman go into space because they are in outer space for some reason. Mario can't take all the enemies on his own when Sonic comes in and the two take care of the enemies. The two head out into space to fight Eggman and Bowser and save Peach and Elise.


In the game you can play as Mario and Sonic and play in different levels around the entire galaxy. Fight the enemies of Bowser and Eggman to save the galaxy and Princess Peach and Princess Elise. In some levels you have to solve puzzles and can even unlock mini games. The game has power ups for Mario & Sonic. The power ups are fire flower, ice flower, starman, bombs, tiny mushroom, cape feather, 1-up mushroom, super mushroom (gives you 6 extra health points), Invinsibility mushroom, mole mushroom, cloud flower, sphershrooom, and boo mushroom. The game ends when Mario fights Eggman and Super Sonic fights Super Bowser.


  • Nintendo, Sega and Valve both worked together while making this game


Nintendo Power

It's good to see two great video game characters work together

Sega Station

This is a cool crossover game to play

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