Mario Kart 10 is the 10th installment of the Mario Kart series.


The game was announced in 2020, and scheduled to released in 2023. Miyamoto, wanted every character from the previous Mario Kart games to return so fans won't be disappointed.


Starter Characters

Image Character Weight
Mario Medium
Luigi Medium
Peach Medium
Daisy Medium
Toad Light
Toadette Light
Yoshi Medium
Birdo Medium
Wario Heavy
Waluigi Heavy
Donkey Kong Heavy
Diddy Medium
Bowser Heavy
Bowser Jr. Medium

Unlockable Characters

Image Character Weight
Koopa Troopa Light
Koopa Paratroopa Light
Shy Guy Light
Wiggler Heavy
Lakitu Light
Dry Bones Light
Kamek Medium
Hammer Bro Medium
Boom Boom Heavy
Pom Pom Heavy
Baby Mario Light
Baby Luigi Light
Baby Peach Light
Baby Daisy Light
Baby DK Light
Baby Wario Light
Baby Waluigi Light
Baby Rosalina Light
Larry Light
Roy Heavy
Lemmy Light
Wendy Light
Iggy Medium
Morton Heavy
Ludwig Medium
Toadsworth Light
Pauline Medium
Rosalina Heavy
Honey Queen Heavy
King Boo Heavy
Dixie Kong Medium
Tiny Kong Medium
Cranky Kong Heavy
Funky Kong Heavy
King K. Rool Heavy
Captain Syrup Medium
Mona Medium
Ashley Light
Dry Bowser Heavy
Petey Piranha Heavy
Metal Mario Medium
Metal Luigi Medium
Pink Gold Peach Medium
Tanooki Mario Medium
Cat Peach Medium
Kitsune Luigi Medium

DLC Characters

Image Character Weight
Prof. E. Gadd Light
Gooigi Medium
Topper Medium
Hariet Light
Rango Heavy
Spewart Heavy
Dr. Mario Medium
Blockafeller Medium
Donkey Kong Jr. Medium


  • Means it is an unlockable cup.*
    • SNES means that this course is from Super Mario Kart.
    • N64 means that this course is from Mario Kart 64.
    • GBA means that this course is from Mario Kart: Super Circuit.
    • GCN means that this course is from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.
    • DS means that this course is from Mario Kart DS.
    • Wii means that this course is from Mario Kart Wii.
    • 3DS means that this course is from Mario Kart 7.
    • Wii U means that this course is from Mario Kart 8.

Nitro Tracks

Mushroom Cup

  • Peach Circuit
  • Moo Moo Fields
  • Piranha Plant City
  • Pokey Desert
  • Goomba Beach

Shell Cup

Flower Cup

Banana Cup

Star Cup*

Leaf Cup*

Lightning Cup*

Special Cup*

Retro Tracks

Mario Cup

  • DS Mario Circuit
  • Wii U Sweet Sweet Canyon
  • N64 Koopa Troopa Beach (Koopa Beach in MK7)
  • Wii Toad's Factory
  • GBA Riverside Park

Luigi Cup

  • Wii Luigi Circuit
  • SNES Ghost Valley 3
  • Wii U Thwomp Ruins
  • 3DS Wuhu Loop (Wuhu Island Loop in Britain)
  • GCN Mushroom City

Peach Cup

  • GCN Peach Beach
  • Wii U Dolphin Shoals
  • SNES Vanilla Lake 2
  • GBA Cheep Cheep Island
  • N64 Royal Raceway

Daisy Cup

  • Wii Daisy Circuit
  • SNES Donut Plains 2
  • Wii U Dragon Driftway
  • GBA Mario Circuit
  • N64 Wario Stadium

Toad Cup

  • 3DS Toad Circuit
  • GBA Bowser Castle 4
  • SNES Mario Circuit 4
  • Wii Dry Dry Ruins
  • GCN Wario Colosseum

Toadette Cup

  • Wii Moo Moo Meadows
  • N64 Mario Raceway
  • 3DS Neo Bowser City
  • Wii U Sunshine Airport
  • DS Airship Fortress

Yoshi Cup

  • DS Yoshi Falls
  • 3DS Daisy Hills
  • SNES Choco Island 2
  • GBA Ribbon Road
  • N64 Sherbet Land

Birdo Cup

  • N64 Kalimari Desert
  • 3DS Shy Guy Bazaar
  • GBA Sky Garden
  • Wii Moonview Highway
  • Wii U Cloudtop Cruise

Wario Cup

  • Wii Wario's Gold Mine
  • DS Peach Gardens
  • Wii U Toad Harbor
  • N64 Toad's Turnpike
  • GCN Baby Park

Waluigi Cup

  • DS Waluigi Pinball
  • Wii Mario Circuit
  • GCN Dino Dino Jungle
  • 3DS Wario's Shipyard
  • Wii U Bone-Dry Dunes

Donkey Kong Cup

  • 3DS DK Jungle
  • N64 DK's Jungle Parkway
  • GBA Lakeside Park
  • GCN DK Mountain
  • Wii DK Summit

Diddy Cup

  • Wii U Mario Circuit
  • DS Desert Hills
  • Wii Maple Treeway
  • GCN Mushroom City
  • SNES Koopa Beach 1

Bowser Cup

  • SNES Bowser Castle 2
  • N64 Bowser's Castle
  • GBA Bowser Castle 1
  • GCN Bowser's Castle
  • DS Bowser's Castle

Bowser Jr. Cup

  • Wii Bowser's Castle
  • 3DS Bowser's Castle
  • Wii U Bowser's Castle
  • DS Delfino Square
  • GBA Shy Guy Beach

Rosalina Cup*

  • 3DS Rosalina's Ice World
  • GBA Yoshi Desert
  • Wii Mushroom Gorge
  • DS Tick-Tock Clock
  • SNES Rainbow Road

Koopaling Cup*

  • SNES Mario Circuit 2
  • GCN Dry Dry Desert
  • DS Cheep Cheep Beach
  • Wii Koopa Cape
  • 3DS Rock Rock Mountain
  • N64 Frappe Snowland
  • Wii U Mario Kart Stadium

Koopa Cup*

  • N64 Choco Mountain
  • GBA Sunset Wilds
  • Wii Coconut Mall
  • Wii U Electrodome
  • 3DS Piranhna Plant Slide

Hammer Cup*

Bell Cup*

Egg Cup*

Pauline Cup*

King Boo Cup*

DLC Tracks

Cap Cup

Crown Cup

Virus Cup

Yarn Cup

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