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Nickelodeon Brawl is a new game for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS, Wii, and Party Mode.


The story begins in Bikini Bottom, when Spongebob discovers something odd is happening - the enviroment is slowly turning a bland white, and strange robots are invading. He sets off to find his best friend Patrick, but when he finds him, he discovers Patrick has become a corrupted version of himself, and is acting crazy, forcing Spongebob to fight his best friend to turn him back to normal [even though he says the fight was a dream]. Spongebob believes Mr Krabs' nemesis Plankton is doing this to steal the Krabby Patty formula, so together the two best friends set out to find Plankton, which they do. But Plankton says he has no intentions of the strange mishap. And he leaves, leaving Squidward to get attacked by robots, which Spongebob and Patrick defeat, and rescue Squidward from.

Suddenly, Spongebob and Patrick are teleported out of Bikini Bottom, and onto the rooftops of Amity Park, the hometown of Danny Phantom. Suddenly, the two sea creatures are ambushed by Danny, who has ended up in the same corrupted and crazy state Patrick was in earlier. Spongebob and Patrick free him from the strange control, and he joins them. The three of them head through the rooftops and the suburbs of Amity Park, and arrive at FentonWorks, where Plankton and Vlad Plasmius ambush them. The heroes beat them, but they escape into the Ghost Zone. Spongebob, Patrick and Danny chase the villains down, but they get ambushed by Skulker. He tries to beat them, but fails. The Ghost Zone suddenly becomes white, but Danny, Spongebob and Patrick are rescued by Jimmy Neutron, who built a special dimensional travelling spaceship.

They soon end up in the Pupununu village, the home of Tak, but before Tak can join the heroes, his village is attacked by robots, and they start attacking Jeera, so Tak saves her. Jimmy Neutron orders Tak to try to stop the evil robots, and take them out at the source, which is at the top of a temple. Tak decides to take a shortcut through the jungle, and fights off the enemies, and soon reaches the temple, where he clears out a huge amount of enemies. He gets teleported into the Juju Realm, where he is attacked by Technus, and a corrupted Sandy Cheeks. he frees Sandy, but Technus escapes. Tak and Sandy set off through the Juju Realm and discover Professor Calamitous is creating the robots. They fight him, but although they emerge victorious, he escapes, and they both get teleported out of Tak's universe, leaving Jimmy to try and track them down.

Meanwhile, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Danny head to Fairy World [in The Fairly Odd Parents universe], where Timmy Turner is escaping from Traloc, who is attacking Fairy World, and a corrupted Zim, and with Timmy's help, they defeat them and free Zim, but Traloc escapes. Jorgen Von Strangle orders Timmy and his friends to clear Fairy World of enemies, and soon they are finished. Timmy detects a problem coming from his Crimson Chin Comic Book, and with the help of his fairy godparents, they're magicked into Chincinatti, the home of the Crimson Chin. They help him fend off the enemies, but then get attacked by The Flying Dutchman. They defeat the Dutchman, and get back to Fairy World, and wait for Jimmy to come back.

Jimmy heads back to his hometown, Retroville, and finds it's under attack from the enemies. He fights through the city, and through Retroland, and soon, he comes across Sandy, Sam Manson, and Tak, who ended up corrupted, and frees them. They head up the mountains to Calamitous' lair, where Snaptrap ambushes them. They beat him, and Jimmy gets back to the spaceship, just as his dimension starts turning white.

After a quick stop to pick up the others in Fairy World, the now-one team heads to Zim's town, which is under attack. They soon find that Zim's house is spawning enemies, and decide to take a shortcut to it through the park. They soon reach the house, only to get attacked by Chatty, the monsterous version of Timmy's smartphone, who has captured and imprisoned Jenny/XJ9, and is using her energy to create more enemies. The heroes defeat Chatty, and rescue Jenny, and escape, as the dimension turns white.

They soon arrive in Petropolis, in the T.U.F.F. Puppy universe. They chase Vlad, Plankton, and Traloc through the rooftops and streets, and soon catch up to them at T.U.F.F. HQ. But the villains escape, leaving them to deal with Technus and a corrupted Dudley Puppy. They free Dudley and he joins the heroes, and they leave, whilst Technus escapes again.

They head to their next destination: Miracle City, in the El Tigre universe. After freeing the corrupted El Tigre, they help his father, the White Pantera, defeat an army of robots, and escape Miracle City as El Tigre's grandpa, Puma Loco, attacks in his mech suit. They trek through the desert, but Puma Loco catches up with them. They defeat him, and escape as the dimension is turned white.

Jimmy deduces that if they take out the next spawner at the source, they could get to find out who was really behind all of this. He tracks a big spawner on Volcano Island, and the heroes make it there, but end up ambushed by Technus again, with a corrupted Lok, and GIR. After the fight, Technus reveals he'd been used by the creator of the strange robots, to deal with the heroes, and now, he's decided to fight back, and help. With great reluctance, Jimmy Neutron allows him on the team, alongside Lok and Gir. The now rather large hero group fights through the jungle and the forest and the volcano. In the volcano's crater, the heroes are ambushed by Vlad, Plankton, and Traloc, but they soon defeat them, and reach the big spawner. they take it out, one section at a time, and block out the creation of the robots. Jimmy uses the computer terminal to track an extremely powerful source of energy in outer space.

They blast off into space in the dimension travelling spaceship, and come into the energy source, and find themselves inside a huge spaceship, they travel through the corridors, which are like huge dioramas of their past adventures, fighting off the enemies as they go. Soon, they reach the core of the spaceship, and they discover Vlad, Plankton, and Traloc, and also the main villain behind the whole thing - Erazor, a evil mad scientist with a eraser-like head! he captures the heroes in a big cage, revealing he'd been the cause of the destruction of the Nicktoons' worlds. And he double-crosses Vlad, Traloc, and Plankton, who had been working for him, by putting them in the cage alongside the heroes. He also aims an erasing laser towards them, to erase them and their shows forever.

Then, Timmy quickly shouts out, 'I WISH SOMEONE WOULD COME TO OUR RESCUE AND SAVE US BEFORE WE DIE!!!" Just as Erazor is about to pull the switch on his laser, a bullet shoots the laser and blows it up, and someone chops through the cage, releasing the heroes and the villains. The rescuers turn out to be Skipper [from The Penguins of Madagascar] and Rango [from the Rango movie]. Erazor drinks the fuel from his broken laser, and grows to a giant size, leading the heroes, the villains, and their new allies Rango and Skipper, to fight him.

The group comes out victorious, but Erazor reappears, and threatens to crush them, but Jimmy reconfigures the broken erasing laser to work like a shrink ray. He zaps Erazor, shrinking him right out of existence. Jimmy then reconfigures the laser to restore the worlds to normal, and so, the gang return home to their worlds. and now, everything is finally back to normal... for now.


All Characters will have 8 palettes; including unlockable costumes which are bought in the shop, and their corrupted colours from Story mode.

Starter Characters:

Image Character Show Nicktoons Blast Move Specials Palette Swaps Unlockable Costume[s]
Spongebob.png Spongebob Spongebob Squarepants Happiness Extreme: Spongebob becomes extremely happy, and can run faster and jump higher for 15 seconds. Also, anyone he touches is sent flying. Normal: Bubble Bowl
Side Special: Karate Chop
Up Special: Sponge-Bash
Down Special: Spatula Slam 
Spongebob's skin changes colour.
Normal: Yellow
Alternate Color 1: Aqua
Alternate Color 2: Lime green
Alternate Color 3: orange
  1. The Quickster
  2. Mermaid Man Spongebob
  3. Pirate Spongebob
  4. Spongegar [Prehistoric Spongebob]
200px-Patrick Star svg.png Patrick Spongebob Squarepants Rock and Roll: Patrick drops a huge version of his rock right on top of anyone under it. Neutral Special: Cartwheel
Side Special: Star Charge
Up Special: Star Jump
Down Special: Star Smash
Patrick's skin and shorts change colour.
Normal: Pink skin, green shorts.
Alternate Color 1: blue skin, aqua shorts, green flowers.
Alternate Colour 2: his skin and shorts' colors are swapped [green skin, pink shorts].
  1. Tribal Patrick [from Battle For Volcano Island]
  2. Elastic Waistband
  3. Disco Star Patrick [Spongebob Movie Game]
  4. Patrick-Man
Danny.jpg Danny Danny Phantom Ghostly Wail: Danny unleashes a Ghostly Wail that blasts everyone off the screen. Danny reverts to human for 3 seconds afterward. Neutral Special: Ecto-Blast
Side Special: Ice Spray
Up Special: Ghostly Uppercut
Down Special: Intangiblity
Danny's hair and the white parts of his suit change colour.
Normal: white
Alternate Colour 1: pink
Alternate Colour 2: ice blue
Alternate Colour 3: black [with white suit]
Fenton Suit [from Battle From Volcano Island]
Timmy Turner.gif Timmy Turner The Fairly Odd Parents Crash Nebula: Timmy becomes Crash Nebula, and uses a cannon to blast everyone away! Neutral Special: Wish Star Shot
Side Special: Sprint
Up Special: Magic Teleport
Down Special: Hammer Slam
Timmy's hat and shirt change colour.
Normal: Pink
Alternate Colour: light blue
Alternate Colour 2: yellow clothes, blonde hair [Chloe Carmichael coloration]
Alternate Color 3: White [It's A Wishful Life]
  1. Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder
  2. The Masked Stranger
  3. Ace Spade
  4. Magic Cape [Abra-Catastrophe!]
200px-JimmyNeutronart.png Jimmy Neutron The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Brain Blast: Jimmy thinks, and a big atom traps everyone else. Then he shouts "Brain Blast!" and the atom explodes, sending everyone flying off the stage Neutral Special: Pulse Light Ray
Side Special: Quarterback Shunt
Up Special: Jetpack
Down Special: Neutron Flare
Jimmy's shirt changes color.
Normal: Red
Alternate color 1: blue
Alternate Color 2: 'Runaway Rocketboy' shirt
  1. N-Men Costume
  2. Secret Agent Tuxedo
  3. Jimmy Negatron
  4. 'Macbeth in Space' Outfit
200px-Tak 2.jpg Tak Tak and the Power of Juju Juju Nova: Tak does the same special move from Tak: The Guardians of Gross. Neutral Special: Juju Boom
Side Special: Juju Boom Charge
Up Special: Stinky Magic Wind Lift
Down Special: Cheesy Magic Slam
Tak's loincloth changes colour.

Normal: purple
alternate colour 1: volcanic orange
alternate colour 2: blue
alternate colour 3: white

Chicken Suit
200px-Gir.png GIR Invader Zim Arm Power: GIR uses the robot from his boss battle from Globs of Doom and attacks everyone with them. Neutral Special: Goo Lobber
Side Special: Shoulder Charge
Up Special: Gir Spin
Down Special: Shockwave Spin
Gir's eyes and highlights change colour.
Normal: blue
alternate color 1: red
alternate color 2: white
alternate color 3: pink
Dog Costume

Unlockable Characters:

Image Character Show Nicktoons Blast Move Specials Palette Swaps Unlockable Costume[s] Unlocking Criteria
200px-Sandy Cheeks.png Sandy Cheeks Spongebob Squarepants Karate Tornado: Sandy spins around, and makes a tornado that sucks anyone nearby in, and spits them out at full force. Neutral Special: Lasso
Side Special: Karate Charge
Up Special: Tail Flip
Down Special: Block
Sandy's suit gets a coloured tint.
Normal: white
Alternate color 1: light blue
Alternate Color 2: light green
Alternate color 3: pink

Alternate Colour 4: yellow

  1. Medieval Sandy
  2. 'Miss Appear'
  3. Suitless Sandy
Defeat Corrupted Sandy in Story Mode, or play 22 matches
Sheldon J Plankton.png Plankton Spongebob Squarepants Plankton's Robotic Battlesuit: Plankton appears in the Plankton Robot BattleSuit from SpongeBob: Plankton's Robotic Revenge, and attacks the fighters. Neutral Special: Freeze Ray Helmet
Side Special: Mawgu Mallet Slam
Up Special: Copter Pack
Down Special: Plankton Spin
Plankton's body changes colour.
Normal: teal
alternate color: yellow
alternate color 2: Light blue [Rainchild colours]
alternate color 3: purple
  1. Sneaky Hermit Plankton
  2. Space Plankton [Creature from the Krusty Krab]
  3. Spongebob Pants Plankton
  4. Lion Mane [Astrology with Squidward]
Clear Story Mode or win 36 matches
SmugVlad.jpg Vlad Plasmius Danny Phantom Clone Barrage: Vlad clones himself and the copies swarm over the stage, beating everyone up. Neutral Special: Ecto-Sword
Side Special: Head Slide
Up Special: Ghostly Uppercut
Down Special: Intangiblity
Vlad's suit gets a colored tint.
Normal: white
Alternate color 1: orange
alternate color 2: light green
alternate color 3: black
Space Vlad Clear Story Mode or win 48 matches
Screen shot 2012-06-19 at 4.53.22 PM.png Technus Danny Phantom Electric Storm: Technus calls a storm of electricity down, that shocks everybody around him Neutral Special: Electro shot

Side Special: Shoulder Shock

Up Special: Spark Charge

Down Special: Intangiblity

The green parts of Technus change colour.

Normal/green: green

alternate color 1: red

alternate color 2: cyan

alternate color 3: electric yellow

Bath Towel from 'Secret Weapons' Clear Story Mode or win 88 matches
Skulkerrender.png Skulker Danny Phantom 'Micro-Management' Armor
Samrender.png Sam Manson Danny Phantom Fenton Peeler: Sam activates the Fenton Peeler, and starts blasting like mad on the enemies. Neutral Special: Wrist Ray

Side Special: Rolling Kick

Up Special: Somersault Uppercut

Down Special: Sweep Kick

Sam's clothes change colour.

Normal: black/purple

alternate color 1: red/orange

Alternate color 2: black/light blue

alternate color 3: white/black

  1. Plant Girl Sam
  2. Prom Dress
Defeat Corrupted Sam in Story Mode or play 11 matches
BeautifulGorgeous22.jpg Beautiful Gorgeous The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Bride Beautiful Gorgeous
King Goobot (1).png King Goobot The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Poultra: King Goobot 'Runaway Rocketboy' King Goobot
Lok.png Lok Tak and the Power of Juju Howl of the Hero: Lok sprints forward at full speed whilst yelling. Anyone he touches is sent flying. Neutral Special: Hammer Shockwave

Side Special: Barrel Toss

Up Special: Hammer Spin

Down Special: Jumping Slam

Lok's loincloth changes colour.

Normal: orange

alternate color 1: blue

alternate color 2: purple

alternate color 3: lime green

Lobster Suit Defeat Corrupted Lok in story mode or play 72 matches
Traloc.png Traloc Tak and the Power of Juju Giant Motiki: Traloc summons a Giant Motiki statue, which the player controls, and anyone who touches it is sent flying. Neutral Special: Juju Pouch Blast

Side Special: Shoulder Charge

Up Special: Juju Teleport

Down Special: Ground Pound

Traloc's loincloth changes colour.

Normal: brown

alternate color 1: volcanic orange

alternate color 2: black

alternate color 3: green

Ninja Traloc Clear Story Mode or win 60 matches
184px-Art Zimyelling.png Zim Invader Zim Invasion of Doom!: Zim commands a UFO to abduct everyone, and the UFO self-destructs, killing everyone instantly. Neutral Special: Plunger of Doom!

Side Special: Plunger Lunge of Doom!

Up Special: Jetpack of Doom

Down Special: Counter

Zim's skin, shirt and eyes change colors.

Normal: green/magenta/magenta

alternate color 1: orange/red/red

alternate color 2: light blue/purple/cyan

alternate color 3: magenta/green/green

Human Disguise Zim Defeat Corrupted Zim in story Mode or win 7 matches
Dudley.jpg Dudley Puppy T.U.F.F. Puppy Iron Mutt: Dudley wears the Iron Mutt uniform and blasts everyone. Neutral Special: Blaster

Side Special: Roll

Up Special: Doggy Flip

Down Special: Doggy Charge

Dudley's shirt changes colors.

Normal: black

alternate colour 1: red

alternate color 2: light green

alternate color 3: purple

Princess Dudley Defeat corrupted Dudley in story mode or win 55 matches
ElTigre.png El Tigre El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera Tiger Spirit: El Tigre summons the Tiger Spirit around him, making him invincible and stronger. Neutral Special: Charged Claw Swipe

Side Special: Roll

Up Special: Spin

Down Special: El Tigre Tornado

El Tigre's outfit changes colors.

Normal: black

alternate colour 1: firey orange

alternate color 2: White Pantera coloration

alternate colour 3: light green

Manny Rivera Defeat corrupted El Tigre in story mode or win 65 matches
Jenny XJ9.jpg Jenny/XJ9 My Life as a Teenage Robot Mech Madness: Jenny jumps into a mech suit [designed like Jimmy Neutron's from Attack of the Toybots], and can fire her goo cannon at the fighters. Neutral Special: Energy-Blast

Side Special: Stretching Punch

Up Special: Jet Boost

Down Special: Sweep Kick

Jenny's blue highlights change colors.

Normal/blue: blue

alternate color 1: red [Flame Decal]

Alternate colour 2: green

alternate color 3: color reverse [white bits are blue, and vice versa]

Raggedy Android Jenny Save her in the Zim's House Boss battle in Story Mode, or win 25 matches
Penguins of Madagascar - Skipper 2 975.jpg Skipper The Penguins of Madagascar Megaphone Mayhem: Skipper shouts orders into his megaphone, that harms everyone Neutral Special: Karate Chop

Side Special: Belly Slide

Up Special: Penguin Flip

Down Special: Penguin Roll

the white part of Skipper's body changes color.

Normal: white

alternate color 1: pink

alternate color 2: cyan

alternate color 3: light green

King Julien Skipper Clear Story Mode or win 96 matches
Rango.jpg Rango Rango film Golden Bullet Blitz: Rango fires multiple gold bullets, that fly all around and send anyone they touch flying. Neutral Special: Tongue Spit

Side Special:

Up Special: Jump Shot

Down B: Tail Swipe

Rango's skin and cowboy clothes change color.

Normal: white/brown clothes, green skin

alternate color 1: orange/pink clothes, red skin

alternate color 2: purple/blue clothes, cyan skin

alternate color 3: monochrome [black, white, and grey

Hawaiian Shirt Rango Clear Story Mode or win 100 matches


Italic means you buy that stage from the shop.

Stage Show Gimmicks
Jellyfish Fields Spongebob Squarepants huge jellyfish zoom by and some that can be attacked appear. Goo is around the battlefield, and some jellyfish can be used as platforms.
Bikini Bottom Spongebob Squarepants
Goofy Goober Dream World Spongebob Squarepants clock hands, flying ice cream
Mermalair Spongebob Squarepants disco floor, Prawn attacks in the background
Atlantis Spongebob's Atlantis Squarepantis Tanks fire ice cream onto the stage.
Amity Park Rooftops Danny Phantom
FentonWorks Danny Phantom
Ghost Zone Danny Phantom Ghost Prison Guards attack
Fairy World The Fairly Odd Parents dashing fairies, flying playing cards
Chincinatti The Fairly Odd Parents
Dad's Dream The Fairly Odd Parents frogs stick out their tongues, suits attack, the stage tilts
Pupununu Village Tak and The Power of Juju
Juju Realm Tak and The Power of Juju
Gorgonzilla's Mouth Tak and The Power of Juju green and blue cheese pop up as spikes
Retroland The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
Yolkus Prime The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius King Goobot, Ooblar and Poultra cause mayhem for the fighters, speeding Yolkians.
Calamitous' Lair The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius lasers beam down
Zim's House Invader Zim same attacks as in the Zim's House level in Nicktoons Globs of Doom.
T.U.F.F. HQ T.U.F.F. Puppy
Miracle City El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera
Puma Loco Attack El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera Puma Loco attacks in his mechsuit.
Volcano Island Nicktoons: Battle For Volcano Island BFVI enemies attack
Mawgu's Volcano Crater Nicktoons: Battle For Volcano Island Mawgu attacks in the background
Toy Factory Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots You fight in a random section of the factory, each with it's own gimmick:

  • Section 1: Moving robot platforms and grinding gears
  • Section 2: a moving conveyor belt and electric beam barriers
  • Section 3: tilting flying hippo platforms and space saucers firing their lasers
Golem Industries HQ Core Rocket Power: Beach Bandits lava, falling platforms, Golem Sr attacks
Diapies of Thunder Rugrats: Studio Tour You fight on the track, near the start line of the Speedway. The Rugrats [including Kimi Finster] race around the track, acting like the Shy Guys on Mario Circuit in SSBB.
Land of Giants Rango game Lars attacks with a fly swatter
Videogame World Rango game breaking stage, falling blocks
Alien Spaceship Rango game The Alien Probe uses lasers to harm everyone.
Erazor's Lair Nickelodeon Brawl Pits of doom, background arena traps.
Nicktoons Stadium Nickelodeon Brawl none.


Image Item What the Item Does Series
Smash Ball SSBU Item Render.png Brawl Ball Gives the user a Nicktoons Blast Move. Nickelodeon Brawl
Fake Smash Ball SSBU Item Render.png Fake Brawl Ball ??? Nickelodeon Brawl
Assist Card (MS Paint Drawing).png Assist Card When picked up, it summons a random character to aid the user. Nickelodeon Brawl

Assist Characters

Image Assist Character Show What the Assist Does
Squidward Tentacles.png Squidward Tentacles Spongebob Squarepants Plays his clarinet loudly to stun everyone except the summoner
Mr. Krabs.png Mr Krabs Spongebob Squarepants charges at money, claws outstretched. Anyone in the way of his claws will be knocked flying.
Render- Jack Fenton arms crossed.png Jack Fenton Danny Phantom uses his fists and does a bellyflop.
S01e03 Box Ghost arms wide.png The Box Ghost Danny Phantom Throws boxes.
Vicky7.png Vicky The Fairly Odd Parents Her jump-kick from 'The Big Problem'.
DenzelCrocker1.png Crocker The Fairly Odd Parents Spasms out and shouts "FAIRY GOD PARENTS!" 3 times, hurting everyone except the summoner.
Jorgen von strangle.png Jorgen Von Strangle The Fairly Odd Parents can do fire dashes and swing his staff
CrimsonChin.jpg Crimson Chin The Fairly Odd Parents charges at full speed whilst flying.
Goddard.png Goddard The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius He runs [or hovers] for 3 seconds, then 'plays dead'.
Professor Calamitous 2.jpg Professor Calamitous The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius He summons his Calamibot to destroy the fighters except the summoner.
Jeera.jpg Jeera Tak and the Power of Juju Runs around swinging a club
Dib.jpeg Dib Invader Zim fires his Mawgu Balloon maker
Character large 332x363 kitty.jpg Kitty Katswell T.U.F.F. Puppy does a few karate moves.
Chameleon (T.U.F.F. Puppy).png Chameleon T.U.F.F. Puppy transforms into a rocket and blasts forward.
Bessie Higgenbottom.png Bessie Higgenbottom The Mighty B Bessie becomes the Mighty B and attacks the fighters.
Thuaz9mcnn.png White Pantera El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera runs around punching.
Frida suarez roundabout by supermacho.png Frida Suarez El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera Becomes La Tigaressa and attacks with claw slashes.
Otto Rocket.png Otto Rocket Rocket Power attack is similar to Parappa's Level 2 Super in PSASBR.
King Julien (All Hail King Julien).png King Julien The Penguins of Madagascar he dances to 'I Like to Move It', and everyone but the summoner starts dancing, leaving them open to attack.
Lincoln and his Sisters.png The Loud Siblings The Loud House Lincoln calls his ten sisters to fight and causing a cloud that inflicts damage toward any of the characters on the stage that are more close to them. (including the one that summons him).
RattlesnakeJake.jpg RattleSnake Jake Rango film Appears in the background and uses his gun tail to shoot at enemies

Story Mode Enemies

Enemies Nicktoons games/series
Fodder, Ham-mer, D1000, Monsoon Spongebob: Battle for Bikini Bottom
Foggers, Jellyfish, Slammers The Spongebob Squarepants Movie Game
Diesel Dreaming Enemies, Dreaded Patrick's Henchmen, Krab Parasites, Plankton's Subjects SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab
Atlantean Guards Spongebob's Atlantis Squarepantis game
Spinner Robots, Hammer Robots Spongebob: Truth or Square game
Ghost Zone Prison Guards, Rogue Ghosts Danny Phantom
the small enemies of Fairly Odd Parents: Shadow Showdown, Yugopotamians Fairly Odd Parents
Yolkian Guards, Yolkian Claw Warriors, Yolkian Elite Guards, Monster Twonkies Jimmy Neutron
Woodies, Minions of Trashthulu, Slopviathan, Gorgonzilla and Stinkolossus, Motiki Monsters Tak & the Power of Juju
Golem Industries Robots Rocket Power: Beach Bandits
Syndicate Grunts, Doomsday Troopers Nicktoons: Unite
the monsters of Battle For Volcano Island Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island
the enemies of Attack of the Toybots Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots
The Morphoid Enemies [minus the Morphoid Walkers] Nicktoons: Globs of Doom
Bandits, The Zombies, Pixelated Bandits, Aliens Rango game


For full details, head to List of Nickelodeon Brawl Trophies.


Number Name Description rules Character you use Opponents Stage it's on
1 Ghostly Duo It's you vs. Danny and Vlad! Can you beat this spooky team? Stock, 2 lives each player's choice Danny and Vlad Ghost Zone
2 T.U.F.F. Puppy Party! Dudley, it's up to you to sort out all these weird robots that Snaptrap has made! stock, 1 life each Dudley Puppy 15 Planktons in their alternate costume T.U.F.F. HQ
3 Corruption in Bikini Bottom Sacre bleu!!! What on earth has happened to poor Spongebob and his friends? Can you save them? Stock, 2 lives each Player's choice Spongebob, Patrick and Sandy in their corrupted colours Bikini Bottom
4 A Shocking Victory I, Technus, will show these simpletons the true meaning of shockingness!!! Stock, 1 life each, KO opponents with Technus' Nicktoons Blast Technus random Ghost Zone
5 Random Rumble 1 who knows what you'll get, or where you'll go! Stock, 2 lives each random Random characters in random colors and/or costumes Random
6 Toys of DOOM! I, Zim, will destroy these evil toys... of doom! Enemy Mode; destroy 40 enemies in 2 minutes Zim none Toy Factory
7 Power Hour Battle Royale Who is best, Jimmy Neutron, or Timmy Turner? the answer: NEITHER! Stop their fighting!!1 stock, 2 lives each Player's Choice Jimmy Neutron and Timmy Turner Player's Choice
8 Corruption in Amity Park
10 Token Tussle 1 Who'll win this Token Tussle? Let's find out! Token Tussle Mode; the most in 3 minutes wins Player's choice random random
11 N-Men Jimmy to the Rescue! Oh no! Vlad Plasmius is attacking Retroland! It's James Issac Neutron to the Rescue!
13 Corruption in the Pupununu Village

Video Clips

This is a list of the unlockable Nicktoons video clips you can buy in the shop.

Clip show where it ends
The gifts montage from 'Krusty Love' Spongebob Squarepants after Mrs Puff says "Are we going to the park soon?"
The Tie Your Shoes song from 'Your Shoe's Untied' Spongebob Squarepants after the song ends
The Adjusting your mirrors scene of 'Boat Smarts' Spongebob Squarepants after CTD Squidward says "Ouch."
The Patrick and Sandy fight scene in 'Suds' SpongeBob Squarepants after SpongeBob sneezes and destroys the Krusty Krab
Squidward's loud theory in 'Band Geeks' Spongebob Squarepants after Squidward says "Okay, new theory. Maybe we should play so quietly, no one can hear us."
The Technus in a towel scene from 'Secret Weapons' Danny Phantom after Technus gets blasted by Danny
The Danny, Vlad, and Skulker scene from 'Bitter Reunions' Danny Phantom After Skulker leaves through the roof
The Theme song Danny Phantom when it ends
The song 'Icky Vicky' from 'Boys in the Band' The Fairly Odd Parents ends at Vicky saying "I hate music!"
The Cosmo Tv Montage from 'Power Mad' The Fairly Odd Parents When Vicky says 'Man, there is nothing on today!"
the 'A Million Wishes' song from 'Timmy's Secret Wish' The Fairly Odd Parents when the song ends
Poof talking to Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy at the End of 'School of Crock' The Fairly Odd Parents After Poof says 'Dude...'
The ending of the FOP live action movie 'A Fairly Odd Christmas' The Fairly Odd Parents After Poof poofs the screen black
the dancing pants scene from 'When Pants Attack!' Jimmy Neutron Ends after Carl is dragged away
The kids blast off from the 'Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius movie'. Jimmy Neutron ends after the rollercoaster passes the screen.
The sped up party scene from 'Party at Neutron's' Jimmy Neutron Ends after Jimmy faints after Betty Quinlan kisses him
the 'Fish Don't Like Lok' cutscene from 'The Great Juju Challenge' Tak & The Power of Juju after the cutscene ends
the 'A Gaseous Rap' cutscene from 'The Great Juju Challenge' Tak & The Power of Juju after the cutscene ends
The Killjoy Juju ends the party scene in 'The Party' Tak & The Power of Juju after the iris out
The Howl of the Hero scene in 'Loser' Tak & The Power of Juju After Tak says '
the defeat of Coco LaBouche from 'Rugrats in Paris the Movie' Rugrats after Stu says "Go get'em, Spike!"


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Characters Voiced by
SpongeBob Tom Kenny
Timmy Turner Tara Strong
Jimmy Neutron Debi Derryberry
Danny Phantom David Kaufman
Sam & Vicky Grey Griffin
Tak Hal Sparks
Tak [movie footage only] Jason Marsden
Lok Patrick Warburton
Vlad Martin Mull
Technus, Traloc and Erazor Rob Paulsen