NoA's Super Smash Bros. 6 Plus - Core Edition
SB6 Plus Core Edition logo beta RENDER.png
Developer(s) Nintendo SmashTeam
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch later New Console code Switch 2/pro (2021 or 2022)
June 5th 2022
Genre(s) Fighting


Series Super Smash Bros.
Storage Needed 6.30GB

Nintendo of America's Super Smash Bros. 6: Plus Core Edition is an enhanced version of Super Smash Bros. 6. No changes to the combat Battle-Platforms system have been made, but new features were added game. It will be released on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo OneBox. More characters will be announced as time goes by. This game will be released North America for June 5th 2022. There will be only Nintendo characters as playable characters.

Playable Characters

Image Name Series
Super mario render brothers by nibroc rock-d8x9ljm.png
Mario Mario Bros., Donkey Kong
Luigi Mario Bros.
Pit (Clásico).png
Pit Kid Icarus
Bowser - Mario Party 10.png
Bowser Mario Bros.
ToonLink 00364.png
Toon Link Legend of Zelda
250px-Wario MP10.png
Wario Mario Bros. and Warioland
MikeJones por ©Nintendo v1-render.png
Mike Jones StarTropics
Shawny boy por Nintendo of America 0.png
Shawny Boy Shawny Boy
Switch TLOZLinksAwakening E3 artwork 03.png
Link Legend of Zelda
Ridley 000001 render.png
Ridley Metroid
Pico (Moderno Alienígena Tortuga).png
Pico F-Zero
1200px-SuperMarioParty Waluigi.png
Waluigi Mario Bros.
Ron Imhoff - (America Urban Smasher) render.png

Ron Imhoff - blue (America Urban Smasher) Render.png
Ron Imhoff The Young Blue Boy Urban Champion was America Urban Smasher Prequel to Super Smash Bros.
Bud render.png
Bud RobustMetal Blade
Good Shota - Daniel Boy Fighter 001 render.png
Daniel Boy Fighter Super Smash Fighter was Original Nintendo
Riley (Original Personaje de Smash Bros.).png
Riley (Original Character From Super Smash Bros.) Super Smash Fighter and Super Smash Bros. was Original Nintendo
Fighting Isaac boy by kamtheman56.png
Isaac Golden Sun
Ssbm mach rider render by machriderz-d56vknc.png
Mach Rider Mach Rider
Ashton Yale.png
Ashton Yale Mastermon Mania
Ashler Amarion.png
Ashler Amarion Ashler Scattered: lines of Ride
Tierney (San Maseoned) render.png
Tierney San Maseoned
Cylredmao render.png
Cylredmao Original Nintendo, Smash Bros.


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