PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Deluxe
PSASBRD logo.png
Developer(s) Idea Factory
Compile Heart
Spike Chunsoft
SCE Japan Studio
Publisher(s) Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platform(s) PlayStation 5
PEGI: 16
USK: 16
Genre(s) 3D Arena Fighting

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Deluxe (プレイステーション オールスター・バトルロイヤル DX Pureisutēshon Ōrusutā Batoruroiyaru Derakkusu) is the sequel to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and released for PlayStation 5.


The gameplay style for the sequel has changed. In the first, it was similar to the Super Smash Bros. series, with the only difference was that in order to KO opponents, they had to be defeated by the one of the player's super moves. For this game however, its gameplay style is now a 3D arena brawler with elements of 3D fighting games such as the Tekken and Soul Calibur series with bits of the Dissidia Final Fantasy games. All of the game's previous mechanics are kept in the game, such as supers, items, AP, and using supers to defeat an opponent. To accomdate the changes stated before, the returning stages from the first game have been remade to fit the 3D environment.



Image Character Series
Norse Kratos.png
Kratos God of War
Render zeus.png
Zeus God of War
Parappa the rapper the rendder by nibroc rock d9htxf3-fullview.png
PaRappa PaRappa the Rapper
Render fat princess.png
Fat Princess Fat Princess
Render sweet tooth.png
Sweet Tooth Twisted Metal
Render colonel radec.png
Colonel Radec Killzone
Render sly cooper.png
Sly Cooper Sly Cooper
220px-Nathan Drake Uc4 full body shot.png
Nathan Drake Uncharted
Render cole macgrath.png
Cole MacGarth Infamous
Render cole macgrath evil.png
Evil Cole MacGarth Infamous
Render ratchet clank.png
Ratchet & Clank Ratchet & Clank
Render jak daxter.png
Jak & Daxter Jak & Daxter
Render nariko.png
Nariko Heavenly Sword
Render sack boy.png
Sackboy LittleBigPlanet
Sir Daniel Fortesque.png
Sir Daniel Fortesque MediEvil
Spike Ape Escape Million Monkies NoGlow.png
Spike (Kakeru) Ape Escape
Render toro inoue.png
Toro Doko Demo Issyo
Render kat.png
Kat & Dusty Gravity Rush
Render emmett.png
Emmett Graves Starhawk
Render big daddy.png
Big Daddy Bioshock
Dante Devil May Cry
220px-Heihachi Mishima (T7).png
Heihachi Mishima Tekken
Render raiden.png
Raiden Metal Gear
Render isaac.png
Isaac Clarke Dead Space


Image Character Series
305 realsize.jpg
Hercules God of War
Delsin Rowe.png
Delsin Rowe Infamous
Lammy PaRappa the Rapper
Jan Templar.png
Jan Templar Killzone
Yumi (Sayaka) Ape Escape
Carmelita Fox Sly Cooper
Cyber Errol render.png
Errol Jak & Daxter
Joel and Ellie PSASBR.png
Joel & Ellie The Last of Us
Robbit JF.png
Robbit Jumping Flash!
Knack Knack
Dart The Legend of Dragoon
Rudy Roughnight.png
Rudy Roughnight Wild Arms
Kulche LocoRoco
Uberhero Patapon
Vahn Legend of Legaia
Vibri Vib-Ribbon
Hiro Utsumi Project Horned Owl
Finn Beyond the Beyond
Ash Concrete Genie
Rumble Dual Hearts
Hunter Bloodborne
Ari and Stan2.jpg
Ari & Stan Okage: Shadow King
Tigershark Invizimals
Reina The Con
Sam Porter Bridges Death Stranding
Tag ModNation Racers
Alundra Alundra
Jin Sakai key art cropped.png
Jin Sakai Ghost of Tsushima
Lil and Laarg Escape Plan
Jen Tate Primal.jpg
Jen Tate Primal
Rau Utu The Mark of Kri
Rascal Rascal
Blasto Blasto
Deacon St. John Days Gone
Shinbu Kingdom of Paradise
Pursuit Force Commander Pursuit Force
Jeanne darc render.png
Jeanne Jeanne d'Arc
Ellen Folklore.png
Ellen Folklore
Congar Image.jpg
Congar War of the Monsters
Nathan Hale.jpg
Nathan Hale Resistance
Matt Coda Kileak: The DNA Imperative
Dark Mist.png
Artemis Dark Mist
Mister Mosquito Mister Mosquito
Hermie Hermie Hopperhead: Scrap Panic
Choco and Akasaka.jpg
Choco & Akasaka Numblast
Curtis Carnival Island
Ryan Marks Blood & Truth
Dennis Extermination
Ico Ico
Wander Shadow of the Colossus
Yoshitsune Genji
Kutaro Puppeteer
Mark Hammond The Getaway
Axel Rapid Reload
Amelia Crime Crackers
Lair Rohn.jpg
Rohn Partridge Lair
Ciel SkyGunner
Aloy Horizon Zero Dawn
Jennifer Rule of Rose
Arc Arc the Lad
Toan Dark Cloud
Iota Tearaway
Little Deviants Little Deviants
Aarbron Shadow of the Beast
Lemmings miner.png
Lemming Lemmings
Q bert render edit by nibroc rock-d92ssb4.png
Q*Bert Q*Bert
Gran Turismo Driver Gran Turismo
PlayStation Home Avatar PlayStation Home
Astro Bot The Playroom
Booker DeWitt Bioshock
Vergil Devil May Cry
Kazuya Mishima Tekken
Jin kazama ttt 2 2012 04 23 by blood huntress-d4xfrbn.png
Jin Kazama Tekken
Snake SSBU.png
Solid Snake Metal Gear
Abe Oddworld
Crash Bandicoot C4IAT.png
Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot
Spyro Spyro the Dragon
Kiryu Kazuma (NEW).png
Kazuma Kiryu Yakuza
YoRHa No.2 Type B.png
2B Drakengard
Cloud SSBU.png
Cloud Strife Final Fantasy
Dissidia Squall.png
Squall Leonhart Final Fantasy
Lenneth Valkyrie Profile
Rayman (SSBU) (Nibroc-Rock).png
Rayman Rayman
KOS-MOS Xenosaga
Ryu Hayabusa DOA5.png
Ryu Hayabusa Ninja Gaiden
Eiji Shinjo.jpg
Eiji Shinjo Battle Arena Toshiden
Laharl Disgaea
Leon Scott Kennedy Resident Evil
Joker SSBU.png
Joker Persona
Yu narukami.png
Yu Narumaki Persona
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Aegis Main.png
Aigis Persona
Noire V2.png
Noire/Black Heart Hyperdimension Neptunia
Alucard - Castlevania.png
Alucard Castlevania
Gex (XP) (NEW).png
Gex Gex
Tomba Tomba!
Klaymen (2).gif
Klaymen The Neverhood
Klonoa (NEW).png
Klonoa Klonoa
VC Alicia Melchiott.png
Alicia Melchiott Valkyria Chronicles
Kurisu Makise - Phantom Breaker.png
Kurisu Makise Science Adventure
Sora KHIII.png
Sora Kingdom Hearts
Scorpion Mortal Kombat
Mega Man SSB4.png
Rock Light/Classic Mega Man (Rockman in Japan) Mega Man/Rockman
Roll Mega Man/Rockman
Sonic Unleashed - Sonic Teaser Render.png
Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog
Shadow (Smashified).png
Shadow the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog
Ryu SSB4.png
Ryu Street Fighter
Chun Li.png
Chun-Li Street Fighter
Akuma (SFV).png
Akuma Street Fighter
Lara croft.png
Lara Croft Tomb Raider
Carl Johnson (SA).jpg
Carl "CJ" Johnson Grand Theft Auto
Trevor, Michael and Franklin Grand Theft Auto
New Jesse.png
Jesse Faden Control
Monokuma V3 Sprite (4).png
Monokuma Danganronpa
Hat Kid Transparent.png
Hat Kid A Hat in Time
Sans Undertale
Mayday No Straight Roads



  • Hades (God of War/Patapon)
  • Metropolis (Ratchet & Clank/God of War)
  • Dreamscape (LittleBigPlanet/Buzz!)
  • Sandover Village (Jak & Daxter/Everybody's Golf)
  • Invasion (Killzone/Ape Escape)
  • Alden's Tower (Infamous/Sly Cooper)
  • Stowaways (Uncharted/Bioshock)
  • Paris (Sly Cooper/LittleBigPlanet)
  • Dojo (PaRappa the Rapper/Killzone)
  • San Francisco (Resistance/Ratchet & Clank)
  • Time Station (Ape Escape/Resistance)
  • Franzea (LocoRoco/Metal Gear)
  • Black Rock Stadium (Twisted Metal/Jak & Daxter)
  • Fearless (Heavenly Sword/Wipeout)
  • The Graveyard (MediEvil/The Unfinished Swan)
  • Columbia (Bioshock/Twisted Metal)
  • Rival Arena (PlayStation All-Stars)


  • Norway (God of War/The Mark of Kri)
  • Seattle (Infamous/Ratchet & Clank)
  • Empire City (Infamous/Killzone)
  • New Marais (Infamous/Grand Theft Auto)
  • Hekesville (Gravity Rush/Journey)
  • White Sands (Starhawk/The Neverhood)
  • Crater Planet (Jumping Flash!/Death Stranding)
  • Oregon (Days Gone/Devil Dice)
  • Tsushima Island (Ghost of Tsushima/Jet Moto)
  • Hoax (The Legend of Dragoon/Invizimals)
  • Knot City (Death Stranding/Hohokum)
  • ModNation Circuit (ModNation Racers/Genji)
  • Yharnam (Bloodborne/Fall Guys)
  • Queen's Castle (Ico/Vib-Ribbon)
  • Moon (Puppeteer/Intelligent Qube)
  • Norune (Dark Cloud/Shadow of the Colossus)
  • Hanuda (Siren/Q*Bert)
  • Mokai (Lair/Ape Escape)
  • Denska (Concrete Genie/MediEvil)
  • Ancient Monument (Kingdom of Paradise/PaRappa the Rapper)
  • Karamoon (Shadow of the Beast/Afrika)
  • Highland Crags (Knack/Wild Arms)
  • North End (The Last of Us/War of the Monsters)
  • Tenel (Okage: Shadow King/Jumping Flash!)
  • Downtown Capital City (Pursuit Force/Resistance)
  • Domremy (Jeanne d'Arc/The Shoot)
  • Tokyo (Tokyo Jungle/LittleBigPlanet)
  • Midgar (Final Fantasy/Jak & Daxter)
  • Balamb Garden (Final Fantasy/Ratchet & Clank)
  • Destiny Island (Kingdom Hearts/Lemmings)
  • Downtown Los Santos (Grand Theft Auto/Twisted Metal)
  • Las Venturas (Grand Theft Auto/Jak & Daxter)
  • Area 69 (Grand Theft Auto/Ratchet & Clank)
  • Downtown Vice City (Grand Theft Auto/Killzone)
  • Star Junction (Grand Theft Auto/PaRappa the Rapper)
  • Rupture Farms (Oddworld/Blast Factor)
  • Westopolis (Sonic the Hedgehog/Ratchet & Clank)
  • City Escape (Sonic the Hedgehog/Killzone)
  • Wily Castle (Mega Man/Ratchet & Clank)
  • Dracula's Castle (Castlevania/Sly Cooper)
  • Shao Kahn's Arena (Mortal Kombat/God of War)
  • The Pit (Mortal Kombat/Jak & Daxter)
  • Lastation (Hyperdimension Neptunia/Ratchet & Clank)
  • Ring of Pride (Street Fighter/Infamous)
  • Strongest Iron Arena (Tekken/Street Fighter)
  • Raccoon City (Resident Evil/Tearaway)
  • Mafia Town (A Hat in Time/Ape Escape)
  • Planet X (PlayStation Move Heroes)


God of War

  • Athena
  • Poseidon
  • Colossus of Rhodes
  • Hades
  • Polyphemus
  • Atreus

PaRappa the Rapper

  • PJ Berri
  • Katy Kat
  • Mooselini
  • Sunny Funny
  • Ma-San
  • Chop Chop Master Onion

Fat Princess

  • Worker
  • Ninja
  • Pirate

Twisted Metal

  • Dollface
  • Mr. Grimm
  • Preacher


  • Helghast Soldier
  • Rico
  • Visari

Sly Cooper

  • Murray
  • Bentley
  • Dimitri
  • Panda King
  • Penelope


  • Victor Sullivan
  • Chloe Frazer
  • Elena Fisher
  • Young Drake


  • Zeke
  • Nix
  • Lucy Kuo
  • Reggie
  • Fetch

Ratchet & Clank

  • Captain Qwerk
  • Dr. Neferious
  • Azimuth
  • Zoni
  • Angela Cross

Jak & Daxter

  • Keira
  • Ashelin
  • Torn
  • Veger

Heavenly Sword

  • Kai
  • Master Shen


  • Sackbot
  • Big Toggle
  • Swoop
  • OddSock


  • Kiya
  • Zarok

Ape Escape

  • Monkey
  • The Professor
  • Specter
  • Natalie
  • Jimmy

Doko Demo Issyo

  • Pierre
  • Kuro

Gravity Rush

  • Raven
  • Alias
  • Nevi
  • Syd
  • Yunica


  • Sydney Cutter
  • Logan Graves

The Last of Us

  • Tommy
  • Abby

Jumping Flash!

  • MuuMuu
  • Baron Aloha


  • Ryder
  • Lucas

The Legend of Dragoon

  • Shana
  • Lavitz
  • Rose

Wild Arms

  • Cecilia
  • Jack

Beyond the Beyond

  • Annie
  • Percy
  • Samson

Okage: Shadow King

  • Annie
  • Rosalyn
  • Linda
  • Big Bull
  • Marlene

Death Stranding

  • Die-Hardman
  • Fragile

War of the Monsters

  • Ultra V


  • Rachel Parker
  • Chimeran Soldier

Carnival Island

  • Nathan the Koala

Dark Cloud

  • Xiao
  • Seda
  • Goro
  • Fairy King


  • MuiMui


  • Patapon


  • Yorda

Ghost of Tsushima

  • Lord Shimura
  • Yuna

The Playroom

  • Space Chameleon


  • Little Sister
  • Elizabeth

Devil May Cry

  • Kat
  • Trish
  • Nero
  • Lady


  • Kuma
  • Nina Williams
  • Lars
  • King
  • Alisa
  • Ogre

Metal Gear

  • Sam
  • Meryl
  • Roy Campbell
  • Gray Fox

Dead Space

  • John Carver


  • Munch
  • Mudokon

Crash Bandicoot

  • Coco
  • Crunch
  • Dr. Neo Cortex

Spyro the Dragon

  • Hunter
  • Bianca
  • Gnasty Gnorc
  • Ripto


  • Prinny
  • Etna
  • Flonne


  • Maria Renard
  • Richter Belmont
  • Dracula


  • Morgana
  • Ryuji
  • Anne
  • Teddie
  • Yosuke
  • Chie
  • Yukari
  • Junpei

The Neverhood

  • Willie
  • Hoborg
  • Bil
  • Klogg
  • Jerry O.

Final Fantasy

  • Aerith
  • Tifa
  • Barrett
  • Sephiroth
  • Rinoa
  • Laguna

Kingdom Hearts

  • Riku
  • Kairi
  • Roxas
  • Aqua
  • Vanitas

Mortal Kombat

  • Liu Kang
  • Sub Zero
  • Raiden

Mega Man

  • Dr. Light
  • Proto Man
  • Dr. Wily
  • Bass
  • Elec Man
  • Slash Man
  • Guts Man

Street Fighter

  • Ken Masters
  • Guile
  • Cammy White
  • M. Bison

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Tails
  • Knuckles
  • Amy
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Rouge


  • Junko
  • Kaede
  • Chiaki
  • Byakuya
  • Ouma

Hyperdimension Neptunia

  • Uni/Black Sister
  • K-sha
  • Kei Jinguji

A Hat in Time

  • Bow Kid
  • Cooking Cat
  • The Conductor
  • DJ Grooves
  • Mustache Girl


  • Papyrus
  • Frisk
  • Toriel
  • Undyne


  • Hades (God of War)
  • Hydra (God of War)
  • Iron Maiden (Twisted Metal)
  • Clockwerk (Sly Cooper)
  • Dr. Nefarious (Ratchet & Clank)
  • Goliath (Ape Escape)
  • The Beast (Infamous)
  • Negivitron (LittleBigPlanet)
  • Satan (Resistance)
  • Captain Kabuki (Jumping Flash!)
  • The Queen (Ico)
  • Giant Crab (Genji)
  • Dark Genie (Dark Cloud)
  • Metal Gear RAY (Metal Gear)
  • CFW Brave (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
  • Polygon Man (PlayStation)
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