The Playbox is a upcoming video game system resembling the N64 by Tri-Studio.

List of Games

Game Release Date Company System

Fernax the Fox TBA Tri-Studio Playbox
Fernax Racing 2011-2012 Tri-Studio Playbox
Dawg Groomers TBA Tri-Studio Playbox
Catty Groomers TBA Tri-Studio Playbox
Playbox Sports 2012 Tri-Studio Playbox
Math Mammals TBA Learning Gamez Playbox
Flying Fox Facts TBA Learning Gamez Playbox
Atlas Bear Adventure 2011-2012 Learning Gamez Playbox
Fernax Fun TBA Tri-Studio Playbox
Uug Eggs 2012 Uug Playbox
Uug Rockz TBA Uug Playbox
Uug Sports 2012 Uug Playbox
Tree Guide TBA Wildflower Studio Playbox

List of Mybox Games

Games on Playbox's Mybox feature simalar to the Wii's games purcased on the Wii.

Wildflower World 2012 Wildflower Studio Mybox
Dandilion Dictonary TBA Wildflower Studio Mybox
Smashing Sharks 2012-2013 Snap Games Mybox
Fernax Fun-The Lost Sports TBA T-Studio Mybox/ Playbox