Regular Show the Video Game 2: The Chosen Slackers is the sequel to Regular Show: The Video Game and the game is for the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, PS Vita, Wii U, and PlayStation 3. The plot of the game is that you have to save the entire world from evil villians. The game had another sequel named Regular Show The Video Game 3: 365 Days Saving the Park.

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Playable Characters

Rigby- Sling shot, Mustard bottle, tail whip

Mordecai- Keyboard, Punchies, hummus

Benson- Gumballs, kick, anger rage

Pops- Slap, slide, extra jump

Skips- Punch, super skip ,roll

Muscle Man and High Five Ghost- Punch, slap, kick


Invaders from Dizzy World- Iacedrom and Ybgir has escaped from Pops' dizzy world and is attacking the city, so you have to fight both of the two villians

Realm of Darthon- Defeat the Game Store Manager inside the game and get back the refund

Music Saver- A new evil villian named the Music Destroyer is destroying every music store and so you have to stop the Music destroyer and save the music stores

Nighttime at the Museum- A wizard has turned all the statues and painting into real evil people and are destroying the museum, so your character has to go thourgh the museum to defeat the wizard and save the museum

Atack of the clones-Stop Mordecai and Rigby's clones from destroying the park

Peeps Attack!- Peeps is back and destroying the city with his lazers and you must defeat Peeps and save everyone

Unicorns Have Got To Go- Evil unicorns have been taking over the city so it's your job to stop them

Starla must be stopped-Stop Muscleman's ex girlfriend from destroying the city

Extreme arm-wrestling-Have an arm-wrestling with death if you win death will revive Rigby but if he wins he will kill Skips instead

Epic band battle-You must defeat summertime song playing "Aw Snap!

Zombie fighting-You must throw objects at zombies to defeat them and save people

Final Battle-The entire gang is taken to Mordeicai and Rigby's mind and must defeat Peeps

Bonus Level - There's a bonus level from the exculsive add-on, Which is you get to play as Mordecai and Rigby, Mordecai and Rigby is surrended by the tornado, They use the cart to get away from that tornado


This promotion had toys. you can also get a demo for the Nintendo eShop, Xbox Live Marketplace, and PSN

Slack Off DLC

The game has recently been given some DLC, entitled Slack Off. In the DLC, Mordecai and Rigby decide to see who is the laziest person. You can play as Mordecai or Rigby and play minigames to increase your "LAZI" level. Your "LAZI" level is compared to the worlds through the "LAZI" leaderboard.

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