Sandbox Hero (Japanese: サンドボックスヒーロー Sandobokkusu Hīrō) is an action-platformer sandbox game developed by Sunblu Software and programmed from JMTB02.

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System(s) Publisher Year Release
Acorn Archimedes Krisalis Software 1992 Europe
Acorn BBC Micro Sunblu Software 1990 Europe
Acorn Electron Sunblu Software 1990 Europe
Amstrad CPC Sunblu Software 1990 Europe
Apple Macintosh Sunblu Software 1990 North America
Atari Lynx Atari 1991 North America, Europe
Atari ST Sunblu Software 1990 North America, Europe
BBC Model B Sunblu Software 1990 Europe
Bandai WonderSwan 1999 Japan
Commodore 64 Sunblu Software 1990 North America, Europe
Commodore Amiga Sunblu Software 1990 North America, Europe
Fujitsu FM Towns Sunblu Software 1991 Japan
MSX2 Sunblu Software 1991 Japan
NEC PC-8801 Sunblu Software 1991 Japan
NEC PC-9801 Sunblu Software 1991 Japan
NEC PC Engine Super CD-ROM2 Sunsoft 1992 Japan
Nintendo Entertainment System/Family Computer Jaleco (US/JP), Ocean Software (EU) 1991 North America, Japan, Europe
Nintendo Game Boy
Panasonic U1 ASCII 1992 Japan
Sega Game Gear Sega 1991, 1992 (EU) Japan, North America, Europe
Sega Master System Sega 1991 Europe
Sega Mega Drive/Sega Genesis Tengen (JP/US), Sega (EU) 1991 Japan, North America, Europe
Sharp X68000 Sunblu Software 1991 Japan
Super Famicom/Super Nintendo Entertainment System Sunsoft (JP/US/EU), Sunblu Software (AUS) 1990 (JP), 1991 (US/EU/AUS) Japan, North America, Europe, Australia
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