Sonic Mania 2 is the sequel to the game Sonic Mania which was released for current gen systems. This game is released to: PC, Xbox One, PS4, And Nintendo Switch.

Created by the Taxman (Christian Whitehead), Stealth (Simon Thomley), and all other members of the Sonic Mania Team.


Sonic Mania 2 is a 2D Platformer which plays exactly like its predecessors. Like its predecessor Sonic Mania it has remastered levels and new ones.

Difficulty options are back from Sonic 3 Complete and Sonic Jam.

An image of the Sonic Mania 2 SS

Special Stages are back as well but in a really interesting way! There are secret rings hidden like in Sonic 3 but the stages are interesting. You start off in the Sonic 1 Special Stage for around 15 seconds (unless you die) after that the Sonic 2 SS for 15 seconds, after that Blue Spheres for 15 seconds, after that Sonic Mania Catch the UFO for 30 seconds and after that the new Special Stage appears it is a hybrid between the Sonic 2 SS and the blue spheres level. If you're playing with Tails, the rings are added, the reason for that is tails is the only one able to collect rings in the special stage. After you have the first emerald you only play the new special stages.

All the Bonus Stages from Sonic 3&K are back as well.

Also new in this game is Online coop after a lot of people wanted that after Sonic Mania only having local coop. Also back are the 50hz and 60hz options so you can play the game faster or slower (gameplay and music affected)

Playable Characters

  • Classic Sonic
  • Classic Tails
  • Classic Knuckles
  • Classic Ray
  • Classic Mighty
  • Classic Amy
  • Characters that were added using mods


  • Palmtree Panic - Sonic CD
  • Marble Zone - Sonic 1
  • Broadway Zone - Original
  • Hidden Palace Zone - Sonic 2 (2013 Version)
  • Emerald Coast (Classic) - Sonic Adventure 1
  • Wacky Workbench - Sonic CD
  • Sky Chase Zone - Sonic 2
  • Edneer Zone - Original
  • Hot Pursuit Zone - Original
  • Scrap Brain Zone - Sonic 1
  • Master System Zone - Original
  • Final Fever - Sonic CD (2011 Unused Boss)


  • Master System Zone is a reference to the Sega Master System, an 8-bit console that predates the Genesis/Megadrive.
  • Final Fever is an unused zone from the 2011 Re Release of Sonic CD.
  • Although being a 3D level in a 3D game,Christian Whitehead and Simon Thomley were able to work Emerald Coast into a classic level.
  • Sonic Mania was codenamed, "The TRUE sonic 4" and this game was codenamed "Sonic 5", therefor making Sonic 4 Obsolete.
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