Sonic the Hedgehog Mania 2, (also known as Sonic Mania 2 or SonicM2), is the sequel to the game Sonic Mania which was released for current gen systems. This game is released to: PC, Xbox One X, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, Mobile Devices (Android and iOS) and some Smart TV's and Chromecast/Apple TV.

The maximal resolution of this game is 8k 60fps and the graphics are inspired by the SEGA Saturn like Sonic Mania.

Created by the same team as Sonic Mania.


Sonic Mania 2 is a 2D Platformer which plays exactly like its predecessors. Like its predecessor Sonic Mania it has remastered levels and new ones.

Zones are 2 acts long and lasting around 4 to 5 minutes altough some single acts zones are here.

Difficulty options are back from Sonic 3 Complete and Sonic Jam.

Special Stages are back aswell but in a really interesting way! There are secret rings hidden like in Sonic 3 but the stages are interesting. You start off in the Sonic 1 Special Stage for around 15 seconds (unless you die) after that the Sonic 2 SS for 15 seconds, after that Blue Spheres for 15 seconds, after that Sonic Mania Catch the UFO for 30 seconds and after that the new Special Stage appears it is a hybrid between the Sonic Mania SS and the Rifts from A Hat in Time (which SEGA bought). After you have the first emerald you only play the new special stages.

All the Bonus Stages from Sonic 3&K are back including a new one called Catch up and it's based on A Hat in Time's Cheating the Race, you can also collect items like shields and rings on the way.

Also new in this game is Online coop after a lot of people wanted that after Sonic Mania only having local coop. Also back are the 50hz and 60hz options so you can play the game faster or slower (gameplay and music affected)

Playable Characters

  • Classic Sonic
  • Classic Tails
  • Classic Knuckles
  • Classic Ray
  • Classic Mighty
  • Classic Amy
  • Characters that were added using mods


NOTE: Levels with an asterix (*) are from non-sonic games!

Zone Original Game Description Notes
Palmtree Panic Sonic CD Uses JP Music.
Spring Yard Zone Sonic the Hedgehog 1
Avalanche Zone Original A zone with a lot of snow and ice with a avalanche in Act 2.
Mystic Cave Zone Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Hidden Palace Zone Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Uses Song 10

One Act

Labyrinth Zone Sonic the Hedgehog 1
Quartz Quadrant Zone Sonic CD
New Hedgehog Zone Original A city based zone with loads of fake ads (like in SA2) based around New Amsterdam.
Casino Night Zone Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Toyland Zone* Castle of Illusion One Act
Mushroom Hill Zone Sonic & Knuckles
Aquatic Ruin Zone Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Broadway Zone Original A musical themed zone, the story behind the zone is a lot like The Flash Season 3 Episode 17 (Duet).
Emerald Hill Zone Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Metropolis Zone Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Launch Base Zone Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Rollercoaster Zone Original You literally run down a very long rollercoaster. Can be compared a bit with Sonic Utopia but in 2D
Angel Island Zone Sonic the Hedgehog 3 A lot harder than the original
Eggman City Zone Original A new final level inspired a lot by: Scrap Brain, Metropolis, Death Egg and Titanic Monarch


  • This game does not include any DRM except the Steam DRM after a lot of backlash on Denuvo in Sonic Mania
  • While originally including only new zones, Takashi Iizuka stepped in again and put back some old zones.
  • This game is the longest 2D Sonic game to this day.
  • This is the last Mania game before returning to the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
    • This means that Sonic 4 is no longer canon and a new Sonic 4 game will be made
      • Sonic 4 new name will be: Sonic returning badly.
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