The game Star Wars: Jedi Adventure or just Star Wars is a 1993 Game Team flying game. It was based off of the flying scene in A New Hope, where Luke's buddy dies along with a fat slob and he blows up the Death Star. The game's reviews were mixed to negative because of the fact that the game can be completed in ten minutes. Atari sued Tiger for $10,000, because they trademarked games ending in under 10 minutes. A two player mode, similar to that of Top Gun on the NES, was created, but widely considered impossible for player 1 to win because player 2 starts directly behind player 1.


"Follow Obi-Wan Kenobi is a full-on Jedi Adventure! Control his Jedi Starfighter and make your way to Coruscant! Play with yourself, or play with a friend with the Konektor cable, only $20.00" This game was criticized for its product placement. There is an enemy shaped like a 7-Up bottle, R2-D2 constantly says "could have had a V8" when your ship gets hit, and the obvious product placement on the back of the box in the statement above. The game also has some engrish in it, because it the game R2 yells "watch out Oobi", who would later become a talking retarded hand.


This game's reviews were mixed, but leading towards the negative side.

EGM Seanbaby

This game sucks!

Nintendo Power

This game is mediocre. It isn't very fun, and the graphics aren't good. Overall, don't buy this, or the Game Team.

Retarded Kid Monthly

Thith gaym ith awethome!!!

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