Stuckfain (Japanese: スタックフェイン Sutakkufein) is an action-platformer game created by Folmer Kelly for the Commodore 64.

Quote at the back of box

Poor Stuckfain the robot, squaring up with lasers, blades, spikes and ...wait a minute, snarky humor? That's right, kids. Help Stuckfain along his way. (used for an American computer game box arts).


System(s) Publisher Year Release
Amstrad CPC Sunblu Software

Ricochet (re-release)


1987 (Ricochet release)

Apple II Sunblu Software 1985 North America
Apple Macintosh Sunblu Software 1986 North America
Atari 2600 Sunblu Software 1987 North America
Atari 7800 Atari Corporation 1987 North America
Atari 8-bit family Sunblu Software 1984 North America, United Kingdom
Atari ST Sunblu Software 1986 (NA)
1987 (UK)
North America, United Kingdom
BBC Micro and Acorn Electron Sunblu Software 1987 United Kingdom
Commodore 128 Sunblu Software 1985 North America, United Kingdom
Commodore 16 and Plus/4 Sunblu Software 1985 North America, United Kingdom
Commodore 64 Sunblu SoftwareRicochet (re-release) 1985

1987 (Ricochet release)

North America, United Kingdom, Germany
Enterprise 64/128 Sunblu Software 1986 United Kingdom
Fujitsu FM-7 Soft Pro International 1986 Japan
IBM PC/PCjr. Sunblu Software 1985 North America
MSX/MSX2 Sunblu Software (UK)

SystemSoft (JP) Dro Soft (ES)

1986 (UK)

1987 (JP/ES)

United Kingdom, Japan, Spain
NEC PC-8801 SystemSoft 1986 Japan
NEC PC-9801 SystemSoft 1985 Japan
Nintendo Entertainment System Namirog 1987 North America
Nintendo Family Computer Disk System Namirog 1986 Japan
Sega Mark III/Sega Master System Sega 1986 Japan, North America
Sharp X1 Soft Pro International 1985 Japan
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Sunblu Software

Firebird Software (UK)

Ricochet (budget re-release)

ABC Soft/Dro Soft (Spain)

1985 Europe
Thomson TO7/MO5 France Images Logiciels 1986 France
Wii Virtual Console Commodore Gaming 2007 North America, Europe
Xbox Live Arcade (remake) Sunblu Entertainment 2007 Worldwide
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