Super Luigi Bros. is a game only for the Nintendo DSN. The game only features Luigi and you can also play mini games and play multiplayer. You play in Sarasaland and it has a new design just like New Super Mario Bros. Wii. They have the same enemies from Super Mario Land.


The evil Tatanga (who is larger, stronger, and has a bigger ship) has kidnapped Princess Daisy. It's up to Luigi to save her. Luigi has to go thourgh the four kingdoms of Sarasaland and Tatanga gets some new minions. The kingdoms Luigi has to go thourgh is the Birabuto Kingdom, Muda Kingdom, Easton Kingdom, and the Chai Kingdom.


There are many power ups in the game and one of them is the superball, fire flower, and a starman. If you go on top of the flag you play a bonus game and you can earn a flower, one extra life, two extra lives, and three extra lives. In underwater levels you ride the Luigi Sub and in levels in the air you ride the Luigi Jet. The extra life power up isn't a mushroom it's a heart.


The game has mostly posotive reviews

Nintendo Power

Even though it dosen't have alot of kingdoms it's still a good game 10/10

Retarded Kid Monthly

Thith gaym ith thuper awethome

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