Here is the list of the Poké Ball Pokémon in Super Smash Bros. 6.


Image Pokémon Rarity Move


Pokemon gmeowth 2x.png

Meowth Common Pay Day; G-Max Gold Rush
063Abra.png Abra Uncommon Teleport
101Electrode.png Electrode Uncommon Explosion
118Goldeen.png Goldeen Common Bubble Beam
120Staryu.png Staryu Common Swift
129Magikarp.png Magikarp Common Splash
132Ditto.png Ditto Uncommon Transform
139Omastar.png Omastar Uncommon Spike Cannon


Pokemon gsnorlax 2x.png

Snorlax Uncommon Body Slam, G-Max Replenish
144Articuno.png Articuno Rare Icy Wind
145Zapdos.png Zapdos Rare Thunder Shock
146Moltres.png Moltres Rare Overheat
151Mew.png Mew Very Rare Fly
152Chikorita.png Chikorita Common Razor Leaf
175Togepi.png Togepi Uncommon Metronome
182Bellossom.png Bellossom Common Sleep Powder
202Wobbuffet.png Wobbuffet Common Counter
243Raikou.png Raikou Rare Thunder
244Entei.png Entei Rare Fire Spin
245Suicune.png Suicune Rare Aurora Beam
249Lugia.png Lugia Rare Aeroblast
250Ho-Oh.png Ho-Oh Rare Sacred Fire
251Celebi.png Celebi Very Rare Fly
282Gardevoir.png Gardevoir Common Reflect
330Flygon.png Flygon Uncommon Draco Meteor
376Metagross.png Metagross Uncommon Earthquake
Eon duo Dream.png Latias and Latios Rare Steel Wing
382Kyogre.png Kyogre Rare Hydro Pump
383Groudon.png Groundon Rare Precipice Blades
385Jirachi.png Jirachi Very rare Fly
386Deoxys-Attack.png Deoxys Rare Hyper Beam
446Munchlax.png Munchlax Common Pickup (Ability)
460Abomasnow.png Abomasnow Uncommon Blizzard, Ice Punch
483Dialga.png Dialga Rare Roar of Time
484Palkia.png Palkia Rare Spacial Rend
487Giratina-Altered.png Giratina Rare Ominous Wind
491Darkrai.png Darkrai Rare Dark Void
493Arceus.png Arceus Rare Gravity
494Victini.png Victini Rare Victory Star (Ability)
495Snivy.png Snivy Common Razor Leaf
498Tepig.png Tepig Common Ember
559Scraggy.png Scraggy Common Headbutt
643Reshiram.png Reshiram Rare Fusion Flare + Blue Flare
644Zekrom.png Zekrom Rare Fusion Bolt + Bolt Strike
646Kyurem.png Kyruem Rare Glaciate
647Keldeo-Resolute.png Keldeo Rare Secret Sword
649Genesect.png Genesect Rare Techno Blast
650Chespin.png Chespin Common Seed Bomb
653Fennekin.png Fennekin Common Incinerate
665Spewpa.png Spewpa Common Stun Spore
673Gogoat.png Gogoat Uncommon Take Down
681Aegislash.png Aegislash Uncommon King's Shield
686Inkay.png Inkay Common Topsy-Turvy
716Xerneas.png Xerneas Rare Geomancy
717Yveltal.png Yveltal Rare Oblivion Wing





Zygarde Very Rare Absorb Zygarde Cells (Core)
Land's Wrath (10% & 50% formes)
Core Enforcer (Complete forme)
719Diancie.png Diancie Very Rare Diamond Storm
728Popplio.png Popplio Common Surf
754Lurantis.png Lurantis Common Leafage
760Bewear.png Bewear Uncommon Hammer Arm
777Togedemaru.png Togedemaru Common Discharge
778Mimikyu.png Mimikyu Uncommon Let's Snuggle Forever
791Solgaleo.png Solgaleo Rare Sunsteel Strike
792Lunala.png Lunala Rare Moongeist Beam
793Nihilego.png Nihilego Rare Acid Spray
794Buzzwole.png Buzzwole Rare Power-Up Punch
795Pheromosa.png Pheromosa Rare High-Jump Kick
801Magearna.png Magearna Very Rare Fleur Cannon
802Marshadow.png Marshadow Very Rare Spectral Thief
803Poipole.png Poipole Rare Venoshock
807Zeraora.png Zeraora Very Rare Plasma Fists, Discharge



Orbeetle Rare Infestation, Psycho Cut; G-Max Gravitas (Gigantamax Form)



Flapple Common Grav Apple; G-Max Tartness (Gigantmax Form)



Appletun Common Apple Acid; G-Max Sweetness (Gigantamax Form)
877Morpeko-Full.png Morpeko Common Aura Wheel
110Weezing-Galar.png Galarian Weezing Common Neutralizing Gas
Zacian.png Zacian Very Rare Behemoth Blade
Zamazenta.png Zamazenta Very Rare Behemoth Bash
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