Super Smash Bros. 6: Into the Subspace Shadows is the adventure mode of Super Smash Bros. 6.


After the defeat of Galeem and Dharkon, the world returned back to normal and the Subspace Army was defeated once and for all. All the fighters had been gazing into the sunset on the remains of the Isle of the Ancients, reflecting on the how the World of Trophies was safe...for now.

In the year 3100, a group of humanoid creatures went through the remains of the Isle, gathering information across the entire Omniverse and it's subspace. A large humanoid figure appears, and it turns out he is leading the creatures. After a short amount of time, they are done with their research and the leader menacingly stares into the sky, hoping to take over the World of Trophies and destroy anyone who stands in his way.

Soon, the leader then meets Bowser, King K. Rool, Ganondorf, Ridley, Kamek, Wolf, Black Shadow, Medusa, King Hippo, Captain Syrup, M. Bison, Gill and Sephiroth. The leader appoints them as commanders for the army. The leader then reveals the commanders that he is Krad, the leader for the Void Corps, which sets on global domination and to destroy ancient relics known as the Light Gems. Void Corps then runs off into their base.


  • The Cliffs of Ash- Mario, Kirby and Link investigate the ruins found by the new creatures and discover Red and Conker. You go through two stages: 1: The five go to a gateway leading to a field of Subspace. 2: Red fights several creatures while the others are knocked unconscious. After this stage, a cutscene is seen of the five running off and the rest of the group, waiting for their arrival, scatter into groups. Unlocked Characters: Mario, Link, Kirby, Red, Conker.
  • the underground :luigi travelling to a unknown desert with kirby and ness.they all falling into a hole and two skalatons apperining from the shadows.those two reaveld to be sans and papyrus which found the trio. luigi told sans that they just go to resharch because ness has a school test and then sans and luigi got attacked by kamek and luigi and sans fighting him.then the trio trying to find their way.back sans coming with them to help them fight the subspace army meanwhile kirby and pypyrus protecting the underground unlocked charcters:luigi,ness and sans at this point your list sould contain:Mario, Link, Kirby, Red, Conker,luigi,sans,ness.
  • The Dry Lands- Samus, along with Lucario and Meta Knight, soon discovers Gillius, who is trapped by Bowser. The three fight Bowser and defeat him. Samus blasts the cage of which Gillius is trapped. Gillius leaps out. And Mario, along with his team, runs into Samus. The two teams become one as they fight off several creatures sent by Krad. Then, after finishing this second stage, Krad appears as a vision and warns the ten that they don't know what's about to happen. Unlocked Characters: Samus, Meta Knight, Lucario, Gillius.
  • the town-peach visits zelda and shiek in hyrstile town and the sky becomes dark when meta knights ship appers.peach,zelda and shiek fighing meta knight and at the end all teaming up to fight possesd ganondorf. unlocked characters:peach,zelda,meta knight,and shiek at this point your list sould contain : Mario, Link, Kirby, Red, Conker Samus, Meta Knight, Lucario, Gillius

At this point your list should contain: Mario, Link, Samus, Kirby, Meta Knight, Lucario, Gillius, Conker, Red,peach,zelda,meta knight,and shiek.

  • The Pine Forest- Yoshi, Pikachu, Villager and DeMille are walking through a forest, and they see Isabelle. Isabelle is unaware of the traps set up in the forest, so now it is up to the four to protect Isabelle. After protecting Isabelle, the group is attacked by Madame Broode. The five battle Madame Broode and are victorious. Once Madame Broode was defeated, the five meet up with Mario and Samus's teams, and joins them. Unlocked Characters: Yoshi, Pikachu, Villager, Isabelle and DeMille.
  • green hill:sonic is chilling in green hill until peaches team found sonic and tells him about the subspace army. then sonic goes with peach and the others to tails's lab meanwhile fighing the subspace army.tails tell them that the power source coming from the dessert and the level finished unlocked charcters:sonic,tails At this point your list should contain: Mario, Link, Samus, Kirby, Meta Knight, Lucario, Gillius, Conker, Red,peach,zelda,meta knight, shiek,sonic and tails
  • Ruins of the Great Maze- Mario, Samus and Yoshi's teams find Master Hand's brother, Crazy Hand. They defeat him and are faced against Prisoner. After this, Prisoner joins them. Unlocked Characters: Prisoner. After this, a clip is seen of Bowser and Piranha Plant plotting.
  • The Plateaus- [note: this is the shortest level] After seeing a glimpse into the future, Freddy Fazbear fights Master Hand and Crazy Hand, unwilling to join the villains. Unlocked Character: Freddy Fazbear. [After completing all of Story Mode once, this level leads to an alternate ending to unlock Bomberman]

After this, your list should contain: Mario, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Kirby, Pikachu, Meta Knight, Lucario, Villager, Freddy, Gillius, Conker, Red, Prisoner, Mega Man, Ryu, Sonic and Bomberman.

  • The Extremely Ultimate Final Battle - This is where each and every Fighter who is on the Heroic Side face off their biggest and most extremely difficult Final Boss of the Story.
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