Here is the list of alternate costumes in Super Smash Bros. Endless Dreams. Like Smash 4, the costume doesn't effect the character, other than the voice if it's a different character. All characters have in total 24 outfits, 8-to-10 skins are just the same model but with a changed color palette (Some of which can be used on Team Battles with the following colors: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow).

Alternate Costumes

Image Costume Character it's on Fighter Number Costume Type
Mario-Alt6 SSBU.png Builder Mario Mario 01 Clothing
Mario-Alt7 SSBU.png Wedding Mario Mario 01 Clothing
Mario Summer Attire.png Shine Sprite Hawaiian Shirt Mario 01 Clothing
MTA Models Mario.png Mario (Tennis Uniform) Mario 01 Clothing
SMM2luigi.png Builder Luigi Luigi 09 Clothing
MrLRender.png Mr. L Luigi 09
Casino Luigi (Pneuma).png Casino Luigi Luigi 09
MTA Models Luigi.png Luigi (Tennis Uniform) Luigi 09 Clothing
Princess Peach Wedding Dress.png Wedding Peach Peach 13 Clothing
Princess Peach Artwork - Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.png Peach (Sport outfit) Peach 13 Clothing
Daisy Artwork - Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.png Daisy (Sport outfit) Daisy 13e Clothing
Dry Bowser Artwork.png Dry Bowser Bowser 14 Other
Wedding Bowser.jpeg Wedding Bowser Bowser 14

Bowser Jr.-Alt7 SSBU.png

Bowser Jr.-Alt5 SSBU.png

Bowser Jr.-Alt2 SSBU.png

Bowser Jr.-Alt4 SSBU.png

Bowser Jr.-Alt6 SSBU.png

Bowser Jr.-Alt1 SSBU.png

Bowser Jr.-Alt3 SSBU.png

Koopalings Bowser Jr. 58 Character Swapping
MTA Models Waluigi.png Waluigi (Tennis Uniform) Waluigi
ToadetteArt.png Toadette Captain Toad Character Swapping
DK (Punch out).png Donkey Kong (Punch-Out!!) Donkey Kong 02
Link-Alt1 SSBU.png Link (Hero of the Wild) Link 03
Link (Skyloft) (1).png Link (Skyward Sword) Link 03
Link Hyrule Warriors Artwork.png Link (Hyrule Warriors) Link 03
HW Sheik Artwork.png Sheik (Hyrule Warriors) Sheik 16
HW Zelda (BoTW).png Zelda (Champion) Zelda 17
200x200px Zelda (Skyward Sword) Zelda 17
Hyrule Warriors Zelda Artwork.png Zelda (Hyrule Warriors) Zelda 17
Ganondorf SSB4.png Ganondorf (Twilight Princess) Ganondorf 23
Ganondorf Artwork HW.png Ganondorf (Hyrule Warriors) Ganondorf 23
Loz spirit tracks conductor link by o0demonboy0o-d6ygy35.png Engineer Link Toon Link 43
Skull Kid (Twilight Princess).png Skull Kid (Twilight Princess) Skull Kid
OoT Impa Artwork.png Impa (Ocarina of Time) Impa
Young impa.png Impa (Age of Calamity) Impa

Ending Shorts (Fusion).png

Ending Shorts (Zero Mission).png

Casual Outfit Zero Suit Samus 29
Ridley-Alt1 SSBU.png Meta Ridley Ridley 65
Yoshi-Alt7 SSBU.png Yoshi (Yoshi's Crafted World) Yoshi 05 Other
Yarn Kirby (KEY).png Yarn Kirby Kirby 06
Yarn Meta Knight (KEEY).png Yarn Meta Knight Meta Knight 27
Morpho knight mutated re edited by mutationfoxy de8u6hr-fullview.png Morpho Knight Meta Knight 27
Yarn Dedede (KEEY).png Yarn Dedede King Dedede 39
SailorDee.png Sailor Dee Bandana Waddle Dee
James McCloud.png James Fox 07
Fox (Assault).png Fox (Star Fox: Assault) Fox 07
Falco (Assault).png Falco (Star Fox: Assault) Falco 24
Krystal 10.png Krystal (Dinosaur Planet) Krystal


025Pikachu-Rock Star.png

Pikachu-Pop Star.png



Cosplay Pikachu Pikachu 08
Marth (FE1).png Marth (FE1) Marth 21
Mars (Groom).png Marth (Groom) Marth 21
Marth (Legendary).png Marth (Legendary) Marth 21
Marth (Resplendent).png Marth (Resplendent) Marth 21
Roy (Brave).png Roy (Brave) Roy 25
Roy (Legendary).png Roy (Legendary) Roy 25
Roy (Resplendent).png Roy (Resplendent) Roy 25
Roy (SSBUB).png Roy (Awakening) Roy 25
Ike-Alt1 SSBU.png Ike (Radiant Dawn) Ike 32
Ike (Brave).png Ike (Brave) Ike 32
Ike (Legendary).png Ike (Legendary) Ike 32
Ike (Resplendent).png Ike (Resplendent) Ike 32
Ike (Fire Emblem Awakening).png Ike (Awakening) Ike 32
Lucina (Legendary).png Lucina (Legendary) Lucina 21e
Warriors Lucina Bride.png Lucina (Bride) Lucina 21e
Lucina (Spring Festival).png Lucina (Spring Festival) Lucina 21e
Summer Lucina.png Lucina (Summer) Lucina 21e
Lucina (Resplendent).png Lucina (Resplendent) Lucina 21e
Warriors Exalt Chrom.png Chrom (Exalt) Chrom 25e
Chrom (Exalted Prince).png Chrom (Exalted Prince) (Heroes) Chrom 25e
Chrom (Spring Festival).png Chrom (Spring Festival) Chrom 25e
Robin-Alt1 SSBU.png Robin (Female) Robin 56
Robin Christmas.png Christmas (Male) Robin 56
Robin F Summer Full.png Summer (Female) Robin 56
Corrin-Alt1 SSBU.png Corrin (Female) Corrin 62
Hoshido Noble (Male).png Hoshido Noble (Male) Corrin 62
Nohr Noble (Female).png Nohr Noble (Female) Corrin 62
Corrin New Year.png New Year (Male) Corrin 62
Full Portrait Corrin (F) (Nohrian Summer).png Summer (Female) Corrin 62
Byleth-Alt1 SSBU.png Byleth (Female) Byleth 75
Byleth (Swimsuit).png Summer (Female) Byleth 75
Lyn Blade Lord Spirit.png Lyn (Blade Lord) Lyn
Lyn (Brave).png Lyn (Brave) Lyn
Lyn (Legendary).png Lyn (Legendary) Lyn
Lyn (Resplendent).png Lyn (Resplendent) Lyn
S LynNeutral.png Lyn (Summer) Lyn
Brave Alm Neutral.png Alm (Brave) Alm
Alm (Legendary).png Alm (Legendary) Alm
Alm (Resplendent).png Alm (Resplendent) Alm
Azura (New Year).png Azura (New Year) Azura
Azura (Performing).png Azura (Performing) Azura
Azura (Legendary).png Azura (Legendary) Azura
Azura (Resplendent).png Azura (Resplendent) Azura
Camilla (Brave).png Camilla (Brave) Camilla
Camilla (Maid).png Camilla (Maid) Camilla
Camilla (Spring).png Camilla (Spring Festival) Camilla
Camilla (Summer).png Camilla (Summer) Camilla
Ephraim (Legendary Lord).png Ephraim (Legendary) Ephraim
EphraimAwakening.png Ephraim (Awakening) Ephraim
Eirika Graceful Resolve Heroes.png Eirika (Legendary) Eirika
FE Eirika DLC.png Eirika (Bride) Eirika
Olimar-Alt4 SSBU.png Alph Olimar 40
SSBU Wario Overalls.png Wario (Overalls) Wario 30 Clothing
Tycoon Wario (WarioWare D.I.Y.).png Tycoon Wario Wario 30 Clothing
MTA Models Wario.png Wario (Tennis Uniform) Wario 30 Clothing
Thief Wario WMoD artwork.png Thief Wario Wario 30 Clothing
Mona warioware coloured line art by balitix-da666cv.png Classic Mona Mona
45 Villager.png Villager (Girl) Villager 45
Isabelle (Winter).png Winter Outfit Isabelle 68
Isabelle NH.png Isabelle (New Horizons) Isabelle 68
Wii Fit Trainer-Alt1 SSBU.png Wii Fit Trainer (Male) Wii Fit Trainer 47
SSBU Wireframe Mac.png Wireframe Little Mac Little Mac 49
Shulk (Swimsuit).png Ecru Type Shulk 57
Shulk (Modern) (NEW).png Shulk (Future Connected) Shulk 57
Inkling-Alt1 SSBU.png Inkling (Boy) Inkling 64
Male Octoling with .52 Gal.jpg Octoling (Boy) Octoling 64e
Springtron.png Springtron Spring Man
KiwiPilotwings.png Kiwi Lark
GSFelix.jpg Felix Isaac
Ever Oasis Tethi concept.png Tethi Tethu
Musashi female.png Musashi (Female) Musashi
Art-02.jpg Magical Vacationer (Girl) Magical Vacationer
E37d8e746621696edd248f7b3c97a2bf.png Freya Frey
NanoAcadmeyStudentFemale.jpg Nano Academy Student (Female) Nano Academy Student
RingFitMale.png Ring Fit Adventurer (Male) Ring Fit Adventurer
Dillon - Dead Heat Breakers.png Dillon (Dillon's Dead-Heat Breakers) Dillon
Astral Chain Protagonist Akira Howard Female Official Render.png Akira Howard (Female) Akira Howard
Old Snake.jpeg Old Snake Solid Snake 31

Big Boss (MGS3).png

Big Boss (MGS5).png

Big Boss Solid Snake 31
MGS4 Raiden (MGR).jpeg Raiden (Metal Gear Rising: Revengence - Original Armor) Raiden
Trevor Spirit CoD.png Trevor Belmont Simon Belmont 66
Simon.jpg Simon Belmont (Castlevania Judgement) Simon Belmont 66
Young Richter Belmont.jpg Dracula X Chronicles Richter Richter Belmont 66e
Castlevania 1-090708-.jpg Alucard (Castlevania Judgement) Alucard
Official judgment shanoa.png Shanoa (Castlevania Judgement) Shanoa

Black Bomberman R.png

Red Bomberman R.png

Blue Bomberman R.png

Green Bomberman R.png

Yellow Bomberman R.png

Pink Bomberman R.png

AquaBomberman R.png

Bomberman Bros. Bomberman Character Swapping
Pretty Bomberman R-0.png Pretty Bomber Bomberman Character Swapping
WinBee.png WinBee TwinBee
GwinBee - 02.jpg GwinBee TwinBee
Mimipeace.png Mimi Nyami
Classic Sonic - Sonic Forces Artwork.png Classic Sonic Sonic 38
Sonic Boom Sonic 2.png Sonic (Sonic Boom) Sonic 38
Link Sonic.png Sonic (Link's tunic) Sonic 38
Generations classictails1 small.png Classic Tails Tails
Sonic Boom Tails 2.png Tails (Sonic Boom) Tails
Classnic Knuckles.png Classic Knuckles Knuckles
Bayonetta-Alt1 SSBU.png Bayonetta (Bayonetta 1) Bayonetta 63
Jeanne gun.png Jeanne (Bayonetta 1) Jeanne 63e
ShujinUniformSSBU.png Shujin High School Uniform Joker 71
P5ProtagDance.png Dancing in Starlight Attire Joker 71
Yu (Dancing All Night).png Dancing All Night Attire Yu Narukami
Makoto (Dancing Moonlight).png Dancing in Moonlight Attire Makoto Yuki
Persona 5 Royal Kasumi.png Shujin High School Uniform Violet 71e
DoppelgangerArle.png Doppelganger Arle Arle Nadja
Dark Arle.png Dark Arle Arle Nadja
Arle Nadja (Valkyrie).png Arle Nadja (Valkyrie) Arle Nadja
Fighter Arle.png Figther Arle Arle Nadja
Crowned Arle.png Crowned Arle Arle Nadja
Gugugugu Arle.png Gugugugu Arle Arle Nadja
Sakura Arle.png Arle (Sakura attire) Arle Nadja
Seabreeze Arle.png Seabreeze Arle Arle Nadja
Ally PPT2.png Ally Arle Nadja
Tee & O.png Tee & O Arle Nadja (and Carbuncle)
Popping Amitie.png Popping Amitie Amitie
RedAmitie.png Red Amitie Amitie
Stylish Amitie.png Stylish Amitie Amitie
Sweet Amitie.png Sweet Amitie Amitie
Swordfighter Amitie.png Swordfighter Amitie Amitie
Amitie (Sonic Costume).png Amitie (Sonic costume) Amitie
Amitie Persona 4.png Amitie (Yasogami High School Uniform) Amitie
Bursting Amitie.png Bursting Amitie Amitie
PPT2 Rafisol.png Rafisol Amitie
Ess (PPT).png Ess Amitie
GunstarBlue.jpg Gunstar Blue Gunstar Red
RollyRollBH.png Rolly Roll Billy Hatcher
MeeMee Profile.png MeeMee AiAi
Sakura Amamiya.png Sakura Amamiya Sakura Shinguji
Protoman SSB4.png Proto Man Mega Man 46
Bass smashified by jdmh dbbyoko-fullview.png Bass Mega Man 46
Rockmanpachinko.jpg Mega Man (Rockman: Ability) Mega Man 46
OVER-1 (MMXO).png OVER-1 Mega Man 46
Evolryu-ssf4ae-art.jpg Evil Ryu Ryu 60
Eb561dec2b1b5932e8aeaaa964ecb985-d4lcifv.jpg Chun-Li (Street Fighter Alpha) Chun-Li
Skullomania SNK Heroines.png Female Skullomania Skullomania
SNKCapCardFighters2Morrigan.png Morrigan Aensland's Casual Outfit Morrigan Aensland
LeonRE2Remake.png Leon Kennedy (R.P.D Uniform) Leon Kennedy
ShiranuiOkami.png Shiranui Amaterasu
Pac-man-party-wii-007.jpg Pac-Man (Pac-Man Party) Pac-Man 55
Heihachi Mishima (PSASBR).png Heihachi (Young) Heihachi
Nightmare 1.png Nightmare Siegfried
Taizo.jpg Taizo Hori (Mr. Driller) Taizo Hori
Klonoa Moonlight Museum Artwork.gif Classic Klonoa Klonoa
Katsu.png Katsu-Chan Don-Chan
Cloud-Alt1 SSBU.png Cloudy Wolf Cloud Strife 61
Cloudk.png Cloud (Kingdom Hearts) Cloud Strife 61
3a9ce8b9b164743f39df6f8da2413043.png Cloud (Crisis Core) Cloud Strife 61
Sephiroth-Alt1 SSBU.png Sephiroth (Coatless) Sephiroth 78
Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts).png Sephiroth (Kingdom Hearts) Sephiroth 78
Squall (Kingdom Hearts).png Squall (Kingdom Hearts) Squall Leonhart
ErdrickSSBU.png Arusu Hero 72
SoloSSBU.png Solo Hero 72
EightSSBU.png Eight Hero 72
DQB - Heroine.png Builder (Female) Builder
Seth (Bravely Default II).jpg Seth Agnès Oblige
KululunBB4F.png Kululun/Peb Bub
Lara Croft (Classic) (1).png Lara Croft (Classic) Lara Croft
BK (Nuts n Bolts).png Banjo & Kazooie (Nuts & Bolts design) Banjo & Kazooie 73
Thumb-1920-135730.png Alex Steve 77
Super smash bros ultimate zombie render by leadingdemon0 de63cjf-pre.png Zombie Steve 77
De63cjq-e6d37fd2-6de1-4acc-b04c-45659b8347ed.png Enderman Steve 77
Mugman results.png Mugman Cuphead
Terry Bogard (Mark Of The Wolves).jpg Mark of the Wolves Terry Terry Bogard 74
Fatal Cutie.png Fatal Cutie Terry Terry Bogard 74
Mrkarate2 kofmi.jpg Mr. Karate II Ryo Ryo
Kyo kusanagi nests syle by betolavigne-d4h80ff.png Kyo Kusanagi (NESTS Style) Kyo Kusanagi
3dfc940024cd0231d495342a46d336db.png Iori Yagami (KOF XII) Iori Yagami
Athena Asamiya Onginal.png Classic Athena Asamiya Athena Asamiya
SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy Nakoruru.png Arabian Nights Nakoruru Nakoruru
SNK Heroines Kula Diamond Diamond Swan.png Diamond Swan Kula Kula Diamond
TarmaMetalSlug.png Tarma Roving Marco Rossi
Eri (Metal Slug).png Eri Sakamoto Fio Germi
RyuHayabusaClassic.png Ryu Hayabusa (Classic) Ryu Hayabusa
Kasumi (DOA6).png Kasumi (DOA6) Kasumi
Ayane (DOA6).png Ayane (DOA6) Ayane
Mac-0.png Mac Joe
Order Sol.png Order Sol Sol Badguy
Sol Guilty Gear Strive.png Sol Badguy (Guilty Gear Strive) Sol Badguy
Jimmylee-blondehair-bust.png Jimmy Lee Billy Lee
Riki.png Riki Kunio
RCG Kunio.png Kunio (River City Girls) Kunio
Riki (River City).png Riki (River City Girls) Kunio
RCG Misako.png Misako Kyoko
Adol (80's).png Classic Adol Adol Christin
Ys-IX-Monstrum-Red.png Adol (Ys IX: Mostrum Nox) Adol Christin
Laharl chan.png Female Laharl Laharl
Character Traveler (Female) Portrait.png Lumine Aether
Ccf8891d64b4698d0d9bdd7c0a0c6d11.jpg KH II Sora Sora
220px-Sora.png KH III Sora Sora
DoomMarineClassicEternal.png Doom Marine (Classic) Doom Slayer
CurlyBrace.png Curly Brace Quote
CocoN.SaneTrilogy.png Coco Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot
NicoleMcCallister.png Nicole McCallister Pitfall Harry
Tracer (Overwatch 2).png Tracer (Overwatch 2) Tracer
Lily.png Lily Maxwell
Wild-guns-reloaded-20166158519 1.jpg Annie Clint
SoMIGuybrush.png Guybrush (Secret of Monkey Island) Guybrush Threepwood
CoMIGuybrush.png Guybrush (Curse of Monkey Island) Guybrush Threepwood
EFMIGuybrush.png Guybrush (Escape from Monkey Island) Guybrush Threepwood
MW3nT.png Commandgirl Video Commander Video
Saber Alter.png Saber Alter Saber
SaberLilGOStage1.png Saber Lily Saber
Saber (Fate Extra).png Nero Saber
Joan D'Arc (Fate).png Jeanne Saber
Jeanne (Alter).png Jeanne Alter Saber
Okita Souji Coat of Oaths.png Okita Saber
Mysterious Heroine X.png Mysterious Heroine X Saber
HDNV Blanc.png Blanc (Ultradimension) Blanc


Ron (Ninjala).png

Lucy (Ninjala).png

Burton (Ninjala).png

Emma (Ninjala).png

Kappei (Ninjala).png

Jane (Ninjala).png

Ninja-Gum Gang Berecca
Hajime Hinata (DR).png Hajime Hinata Makoto Naegi
Komaru Naegi (DR).png Komaru Naegi Makoto Naegi
Shuichi Saihara (DR).png Shuichi Saihara Makoto Naegi
Kaede Akamatsu Illustration.png Kaede Akamatsu Makoto Naegi

DLC Costume Pack

Image Bundle
The Original 12 (64).jpg
64 Costume Pack
Fighting Polygon Team (64).png
Fighting Polygon Team

Mario SSBM.jpg

Donkey Kong SSBM.jpg

Link SSBM.jpg

Samus SSBM.jpg

Yoshi SSBM.jpg

Kirby SSBM.jpg

Fox SSBM.jpg

Pikachu SSBM.jpg

Luigi SSBM.jpg

Captain Falcon SSBM.jpg

Ness SSBM.jpg

Jigglypuff SSBM.jpg

Peach SSBM.jpeg

Bowser SSBM.jpeg

Ice Climbers SSBM.jpeg

Sheik SSBM.jpeg

Zelda SSBM.jpeg

Dr Mario SSBM.jpeg

Pichu SSBM.jpeg

Falco SSBM.jpeg

Marth SSBM.jpeg

Young Link SSBM.jpeg

Ganondorf SSBM.jpeg

Mewtwo SSBM.jpeg

Roy SSBM.jpeg

Mr Game & Watch SSBM.jpeg

Melee Costume Pack

MP2 Mario.png

MP2 Donkey Kong.png

MP2 Yoshi.png

MP2 Luigi.png

MP2 Peach.png

MP2 Wario.png

Mario Party 2 Costume Packs

Kirby (New 3DS).png

Bowser (New 3DS).png

New Nintendo 3DS Costume Pack

Scrapped Costumes

Image Name Scrap Reason Character it's on
Mario (Movie).png
1993 Movie-Inspired Costume ??? Mario
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