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Sydney Shark: Arcade Edition is an enhanced arcade/console game port of Sydney Shark, an infamous sequel to Miami Shark, as well as for some games in the Mausland Shark series as levels.

Playable Sharks[]

  • Sunglasses Shark (playable)
  • Fisherman Hat Shark (after you beat Stage 2; accessory for your Sunglasses Shark)
  • Normal Shark (after you beat Stage 2)
  • Spacesuit Shark (after you beat Stage 5)
  • Sabre Tooth Shark (after you beat the Bonus Stage)
  • Dino Head Shark (after you beat the Bonus Stage)
  • Bird Head Shark (after you beat the Bonus Stage)

Levels Including[]

  • Stage 1: Sydney (from the second game)
  • Stage 2: Los Angeles (from the sixth game; after you nuke Sydney in Stage 1)
  • Stage 3: Miami (from the first game; after you defeat the giant rubber ducky in Stage 2)
  • Stage 4: New York City (from the third game)
  • Stage 5: Mars (from one of the planned Shark games; after you nuke the entire planet in Stage 4)
  • Bonus Stage: Prehistoric Era (from the fifth game; after you beat Stage 5)