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Trapped in the 80's (Also known as "Totally 80's in Europe) is a video game for the Wii, DS, and PSP. It's a action and adventure game. The rating of the game is E for everyone 10 and up and the Genre of the game is a beat 'em up.


The game begins when two young brothers Marc and Matt that love prank phone calling. They decide to prank the Master Prank Caller they saw on the internet. When they prank their pranks fail then they called him one more time them the Master Prank Caller says, "Regular Show called, they want their joke back". Then a vortex appears and takes the two brothers into time to the 80's. When they discover their in the 80's they try to call the Master Prank Caller, but hires some goons so the brothers can stay in the 80's forever. So the brothers decide to fight the goons and get back to the present. The Master Prank Caller is the final boss of the game and you can either play as the two brothers and there friends that also been took to the 80's. There are many levels thourghout the game and you play in Marc and Matt's town from the 80's. In the game the Master Prank Caller wears a cell phone costume.

Playble Characters

  • Marc
  • Matt
  • Melvis (Unlocked at Uptown)
  • Elizabith (Unlocked at The Beach)
  • Marco (Unlocked at The Natural History Museum)
  • Cody (Unlocked at The Zoo)
  • Wayen (Unlocked at A Supermarket)
  • Zach (Unlocked at A Dempartment Store)
  • Jack (Unlocked at A Middle School)
  • Flee Glee (Unlocked at The Aquarium)


Central Park


Uptown (After you beat this level, you unlock Melvis)

A High School

The Sewers

The Beach (After you beat this level, you unlock Elizabith)

City Hall

The Airport

The Natural History Museum (After you beat this level, you unlock Marco)

The Forest

A Factory

The Zoo (After you beat this level, you unlock Cody)

A Stadium

Public Library

A Supermarket (After you beat this level, you unlock Wayne)

The Hospital

The Theatre

A Department Store (After you beat this level, you unlock Zach)

The Arcade

A Hotel

A Middle School (After you beat this level, you unlock Jack)

The Mall

A Secert Lab

The Aquarium (After you beat this level, you unlock Flee Glee)

Final Boss: Master Prank Caller

Portal Valut (Bonus Level)


This game has mostly posotive reviews

Nintnedo Power

This game has the most coolest graphics!

Playstation Place

This game is awsome it has good graphics, good controls, and a awsome final boss battle. Buy this game now you will be glad you did 10/10. 

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